Deciphering & Decoding the 5777 Fig Tree

The Bible does "NOT" state that we cannot know "the year!”

We pray that our King will arrive quickly by 2018.

Subject to fine revision as the Fig tree grows. Lawrence A. Nowell c July 2007


The Bible does "NOT" state that we cannot know "the year” of Jesus' Return.


In Fact the Bible states the opposite, and chides people for "not" reading the fig tree signs Matthew 24:32 which states: Now take an example from

the fig-tree: when her branch has become soft and

puts out its leaves,

you are certain

that the summer is near; BBE (Bible  Basic English). In some cases such as this one, we have to use "Basic" English so that other ministers cannot foul up and twist up the words of the Bible.

Now memorize for yourself that the BBE: “The Bible in Basic English” states the words: “you are certain”,

and now go on to the duplicate text in Mark 13:29  know1097 that3754 it is2076 nigh,1451 even at1909 the doors.2374

= You are supposed to “KNOW” that it is The End, (if you read and believe God’s Bible). There were “no” Nukes in the possession Ishmael = India, and Pakistan, and Ishmael nations in 1972, but there “are” Nukes “NOW” in the possession of Ishmael (the time of Jacob’s trouble) in 2007.


There “will be” even “more” Nukes in the possession of Ishmael in 2012 (the end of the World according to the Mayan Calendar), which is “precisely” 40 years after the “delay” of the Herbert Armstrong prophecy of 1972, when we were to “leave” for the Place of Safety, and we would all be in the Place of Safety by 1975 when the persecution would be intolerable by 1975. And now in this coming 2015 there “WILL” be nukes throughout the Middle East.


And “especially’ since it is “40” years later as 40 throughout the Bibles is a tried and true number from the 40 days of Noah, 40 days of Jesus in the wilderness, and 40 years since 1972 of  present WCG members and ex WCG members being in the “spiritual wilderness”.


Therefore 1972 + 40 years = 2012 when we leave to “start” assembling in the Place of Safety, just as we were to in 1972, and remember

1975 in Prophecy + 40 years= 2015 when all hell breaks out in the Middle East  and then the World, and we are “sealed” in 1975 = 2015 in the Place of Safety.

Today in 2007 when Nukes are “at our Muslim Pakistan and India Middle East door”, how can we possibly say: “No, I don’t believe that the end is “NOW”, even though Nukes are nigh even at the doors? So this 2015 fig tree scenario will happen because all the following proofs below in this Article “prove the end is 2010-2018.

Therefore the Bible chides people for "not" knowing" when the end is, and “not knowing” when their King is returning!


Here in this Article it is written as a Witness. To make it even easier as a witness to those who do not want to read the Bible, and for those who do not have the time to read this whole Article, here is the Witness fast forward of this Article, so that you have no excuse for not knowing:.


2010 is the "start" of the 7 years.

December 2012 is the year when people should “start” leaving for the Place of Safety.

December 2013 - January 2014 is the “cut-off” when the Elect will

all “have” to have “arrived" at the Place of Safety.

The door will be closed to the Place of Safety in January 2014,

and unbelievable World devastation/calamities will start.

3 & 1/2 years past 2014 is

2017-2018 and the "Year" that Jesus will Return.


NOW for the Bible Scholars


A.) The Bible does "NOT" state that: "no one can know the year".

Words have meaning, and especially the Bible's words.

No one is to "add words" to the Bible.


The Bibles states that no one knows the "day or the hour" of Jesus' return.


Again for clarity: The Bible does "NOT" state that no one knows "the year”!

False and misguided ministers will try to add the word "YEAR" to the Bible Scripture.


Instead the Bible "COMMANDS" us "to Know" and to read the signs of Jesus our Kings return, just as we "know" the time of year when a fig tree is ripe.


Our Father has put “certain” words into the Bible and that is why Galatians 1:6 is so important, so that we do not add 1 word to the Bible, because our Father has put “CERTAIN” words into the Bible for interpreting symbols, parables, time prophecies, etc. If we ignore this basic Scriptural rule, then our understanding of scripture will be confused. Therefore we “CANNOT” add the word “YEAR” to the Scripture.



B.) Now if someone “still” wants to argue that we cannot know the time of our King's return, here is the second witness from the Bible itself:

And he said,559 Go thy way,1980 Daniel:1840 for3588 the words1697 are closed up5640 and sealed2856 till5704 the time6256 of the end.7093 Daniel 12:9


That means that the Bible words are

"UN"-sealed now in 2007;

BECAUSE this coming 2012 "IS" the "End Time” with Pakistan, India, Iran and other Muslim Nations making the Nuclear proliferation uncontrollable and Nuclear annihilation in the Middle East not just possible, but probable, not to mention that Israel toady has 600 Nuclear Warheads. And not to mention that India and Pakistan nearly went to war with each other and both had Nuclear Warheads.  And not to mention that Iran and other Arab (Ishmael) Nations are stating that they “ARE” acquiring Nuclear Warheads. Therefore this “IS” the Time of the End when no flesh shall be saved alive Matt 24:22, and hence the words are “UN”-sealed now in 2007.


C.) 21 Facts we "know":


Before we give you the 21 Bible Facts we “know” regarding the timeframe years of the End Time, the following introduction primer is necessary to again get you thinking about believing "only" every word that is in the Bible. Now contrary to popular belief:


It will be a "very, very, very" small congregation that will be in the Place of Safety ... the labourers are “few“. Matthew 9:27 (but they will meet up with the “rest of” the 1st group of 144,000 at Christ's return in 2018.


The “BALANCE” of the 1st group of 144,000 will be raised from the dead in 2018 when Christ returns, for they died from 4004 B.C. to 2014, and are part of the 1st group of 144,000 from "every" Nation and people, as opposed to the 2nd group of 144,000 who are "only" allowed to be “FROM” the 12 tribes of Israel. This obviously means that there are "2" groups of 144,000, (unless again you do “not” want to believe every word of the Bible).


This is because we "know" that today in the congregation there are individuals who are "NOT" descended from the Israelite 12 Tribes, but who "will" be in the 1st Resurrection.


Therefore there has to be "2" groups of 144,000, (again: Unless you want to disagree with the Bible, and try to say that those who are "NOT" of the 12 Tribes "WILL" be in the Resurrection of the 12 Tribes). But that is wrong, wrong, wrong according to the Bible.


You see, you either have to believe the Bible “word for word“, without changing anything in the Bible, or else you will be confused and you will “never” understand the Bible. This is such a simple principle, but is one of the MANDATORY “KEYS” to understanding complicated Scriptures.

To state this AGAIN a different way, so that there can be no confusion:


There Will Be 144,000 in the 1st Resurrections


there will “NOT” be 144,000 in the Place of Safety


Again: The key is that there "WILL" be 144,000 in the 1st resurrection, but:


There will "NOT" be 144,000 in the Place of safety. The 144,000 in the 1st resurrection will be comprised of Noah and his family (7 other people), and roughly 24 people per year for 6000 years from 4004 B.C. to 2014, including the 7,000 of I Kings 19:18.

That means that the count may only be less than:

100 "alive" people in the Place of Safety.


Remember that the Bible states that the workers are few. ... Matthew 9:27. And again remember that you are supposed to believe the words of the Bible and "not" change the words of the Bible to try to state that the word “few” (the number is "few"), means that you are “not” to try to change that number of "few" into a “GREAT” number of 144,000.


The 1st fruits and the Place of Safety are 2 separate Things


There “will” be 144,000 that will meet Jesus our King in the air at His return, but that “ALSO” is the time when the graves are opened, and all those from 4004 B.C. will “also” meet Jesus in the air “with” us.


In the 3 1/2 years “before” we meet Jesus in the air and BEFORE we see all the dead in Christ in the air from 4004 B.C. “means that” in the Place of Safety, there will possibly only be 100, just as in Noah's day there were only 8 in the “whole World” who were saved from the flood.


You “CANNOT” THROW AWAY all Christians that Died

from 4004 B.C. to 2014 and keep them out of the 1st Resurrection


You "cannot" throw out/throw away all the Christians from the 6000 years ago, from 4004 B.C. to 2014, and try to say that “ONLY” 144,000 still living "ALIVE" in 2014 will be in 1st Resurrection and the Place of Safety. Because those in the 1st Resurrection include Gentiles from the 1st Century that were grafted in, along with other Gentiles that are in the Church of God right now. You “must” remember to keep a clear head and “only” follow “every” word of the Bible, and the Bible states that in the 144,000 there are only the 12 tribes of Israel.


Therefore since we “KNOW” that the Gentile Cornelius and his family were grafted in, = therefore we “KNOW” that there are “2” groups of 144,000 or else the Bible is wrong about Cornelius and all the other Gentiles in our congregation today, because they are not Israelites, but are grafted in, because they responded to God when the other 144,000 Israelites from the 12 Tribes were too hard hearted and had to go through the Tribulation.


Now with that Foundation set down, let us go into God’s Fig Tree Timetable of events:


21 Fig Tree leaves that are EVIDENT IN PLAIN VIEW


 1.) RE: Christ “not” returning in 2010 until 2018:

We "know" that Jesus will "not" return until at least 2018, “BECAUSE” the 3rd Temple is not re-built as of this writing of August 2007, and "if" the building of the 3rd Temple was started even today in July of 2007,

A.) it would take at least 3 years to build = 2007 +3= 2010, and

B.) another 3 1/2 years = 2014 before the Man of sin would actually “sit” in the re-built Temple Holy Place, and

C.) another 3 1/2 years for him to be replaced (taken down in Warfare), and

still yet the Trumpet plagues, the woes, the bowls, etc. have to come.


So therefore as we follow the Fig tree outline in the Bible, we "KNOW" that it will have to be 10 years from now when Jesus arrives, (unless your “refuse” to follow the Bible outline).


2.) 2014 events leading to 2015:

 Plus"we "know" that the man of sin "MUST" be "revealed" first, before Jesus can return, therefore we can guarantee that Jesus "will not" return by "this" 2007 Feast, and not before the Temple is built, because the Man of Sin "MUST" be “STANDING” in the Temple = in the Holy Place, and he must take away the daily sacrifice Matthew 24:15 Mark 13:14.


3.) 2014 Place of Safety event before 2015:


Now to fast forward for those whose attention span is short and want to know more about the Place of Safety

We "know" that all must be in the Place of Safety when you see the Pope in the 3rd Temple:

When, then, you see in the Holy Place the unclean thing which makes destruction, of which word was given by Daniel the prophet (let this be clear to the reader), Matthew 24:15 go = "LEAVE" in flight to the mountains.

4.) The Bible predicts that the Daily Sacrifice will be taken away. So that means that there has to be a Temple for the Daily Animal Sacrifice.

So we now can extrapolate/deduce that the daily sacrifice will be taken away "after" the first 3 1/2 years, after the Temple has been built in 2010, because the Bible states so Daniel 12:11 and that the Persecution will heighten to an intolerable degree by 2015, so we “HAVE” to be sealed in the Place of Safety by 2015.


5.) We "know" that the man of sin will sit in the Holy Place (Temple) in 2015 "after" 3 1/2 years of the Temple being built, and that then things will go terribly wrong with his reign for

"THEN" all hell will break out in the World for the next 3 1/2 years from 2015 to 2018.


6.) We know "THEN" the  2 witnesses “have to” preach for 3 1/2 years and that makes it from 2014 (circa 2015) to 2018 That is why we should start to leave for the Place of Safety by 2012, because we also know that blessed is he that comes to the 390 days vs. the 335 days. More on that in a later article.


Therefore the 2 Witnesses have to start preaching at "exactly" 3 1/2 years "before" Jesus arrives in 2018 because they come back to life at the "end" of the 3 1/2 years after being killed, and no one comes back to life "until" Jesus arrives. The dead in the grave then rise. Revelation


7.) Thus 3 years to build the Temple,

+ and 3 1/2 years of Peace with the Man of Sin ruling the World with Peace,

+ 3 1/2 of the 2 Witnesses then exposing the man of sin = 10 years.

You cannot argue with this because: We/everyone "knows" that the Temple in 2007 has "not" yet even been started, let alone been built.

We "know" that for 2018 to be true: The Temple "MUST" be started by 2010 and completed "before" 2010-2014, so the script of the Bible can start re the Man of Sin.


8.) We "know" that "as” in the days of Noah, homosexuality has to be rampant, and that the latest generation brought up in the schools with homosexuality approved will come to age of consent by 2014. 18 years back from 2014 represents children born in 1996, when the “most” laws against Sodomy/Homosexuality were in/by 1996 abolished.


9.) 1934-1974 = It took 40 years "before" the WCG took the Firstfruits into Baal worship of a "SUN"day Pentecost of Firstfruits, when in 1974 the WCG officially changed Pentecost to Sunday. (Just as a sidebar: In 1934 RCG (WCG) kept a Pentecost that could fall on any day of the week for the RCG (WCG) correctly counted Pentecost as the Pharisees did from the cay after the 1st Day of Unleavened Bread, and Jesus and all the Disciples, and Paul who was a chief Pharisee also counted Pentecost from the day after the 1st Day of Unleavened Bread (Sivan 6).

But by 1937 Mr. Armstrong had lost his way Spiritually and physically when he was having sex with his 14 year old daughter Dorothy, and then in 1937 Mr. Armstrong was so far away from God (and Mr. Armstrong himself stated that at some times he was not as close to God as he should have been) that he changed Jesus’, the Disciples‘, and Paul’s Sivan 6 Pentecost to a perpetual Monday Pentecost using exclusive reckoning. But someone should have told Mr. Armstrong that it was the feast of “WEEKS” not the feast of “SABBATHS, but Mr. Armstrong was so far away from God with his incestuous relationship with Dorothy that Mr. Armstrong changed Jesus’, the Disciples, and Paul’s Pentecost to Monday. P.S. There are more than 2 witnesses that confirmed that Mr. Armstrong was having sex with Dorothy (Dorothy herself, 1,.) the Motel Keeper who came running and pounded on the Motel door when Dorothy was screaming,2.) Dorothy's Husband who took a gun to Mr. Armstrong’s office screamed at Mr. Armstrong over the desk and Mr. Armstrong never charged him, 3.) the authors of the book that revealed this fact were successful in defending themselves with the facts when Mr. Armstrong sued them, and 4.)Garner Ted Armstrong who screamed at his father Mr. Armstrong “You had sex with my sister” though Garner Ted screamed it at his Father in “street” language on the day that his father disfellowshiped him for fornicating with Ambassador College students, and wives of other members.


10.) 1974-2014 = 40 years in the “Spiritual” wilderness, when the WCG started into the Apostasy of 1974 of Baal "SUN"day Pentecost. Only those who did not observe this false practices starting in 1974 (or who came out of a Sunday or Monday Pentecost later) = those who are Spiritual virgins, only these who do not celebrate a Sunday or Monday Pentecost (but instead celebrate as Paul, Jesus, and the Disciples did Sivan 6, will be allowed to cross over into the Promised Land of THE PLACE OF SAFETY. Because they have not defiled their garments Rev 3:1-6


11.) 1972-2012 40 years since the "delayed" prophecy of the Booklet 1975 in Prophecy.

1972 was "never" wrong, just delayed, because the Myna calendar has the end of the World in 2012, and that is EXACTLY 40 years from 1972. The 40 years is the time of testing us in the "Spiritual" Wilderness of rebellion against the Bible, just as the Israelites of old had to wander 40 years in the "Physical" Wilderness.


12.) 2012 is the next 50 year Jubilee Year of Release for us to “start” leaving for the Place of Safety. So, we will "start" to go to the "Place of Safety" in 2012 and will all be gathered safely into the Place of Safety “by” 2014 "BECAUSE" it will take 2 years for all of us to travel to the Place of Safety, because the Scriptures state that we should pray that our flight not be on a Sabbath Day or the season of Winter. That means that we should pray that our flight should not "have to" be in Winter, = our flight could be in Spring, Summer, or Fall, and "that" means there is a gathering time of at least 4 seasons = at least 1 year to get to the Place of Safety = 2012 - 2013 (circa 2014).

And say a prayer that your flight may not be in the winter, or on a Sabbath. Matt 24:20


13.) The WCG (Worldwide Church of God was founded/started in 1934.

1934-1953 is the 1st 19 year time cycle.

1953-1972 is the 2nd 19 year time cycle.

1972-1991 is the 3rd 19 year time cycle.

1991-2010 is the 4th 19 year time cycle.

2010 is the "START" of Triumph Prophetic Ministries Church of God "BROADCASTING" GOD'S WORK out to the World, instead of just to its membership, because it is the start of the 5th time cycle. In Gematria the 5 or 5th numeric is Grace.


14.) 2018 because of Gematria: 2029 (the end of the next time cycle) minus 11 because "Time" is cut short "if those days not be shortened, no flesh would be saved alive”= 2029 minus 11 years from the 5th 19 year time cycle of 2010-2029= 2018:

2010-2018= 8 years, so that 8 years will be as long as the 5th 19 year time cycle is allowed to continue, because again remember that unless those days were shortened/cut short, no flesh would be saved alive.


For those who don't know, in  Gematria fantastic results are seen involving the number 8. Stated briefly:

The names of the Lord's people are multiples of eight, while the names of those who Apostatized, or rebelled, or who were in any sense His enemies, are multiples of thirteen. The proof is that the numerical value of the Seth line of names collectively is a multiple of 8, but those of the Cain line collectively is a multiple of 13.


15.) 1986 January 17 Mr. Armstrong dies, rumored to have been murdered/suffocated with his pillow while in bed, and no nurse was on duty, and the security staff had been given the night off.

1986-1987 Starting January 17: 1 year of mourning for our fallen leader Mr. Armstrong.

1987 January 17 (on the exact day/anniversary of Mr. Armstrong's death, Mr. Dankenbring is ex-communicated by 2 WCG coming to his house.

= 1 year to the exact day of Mr. Armstrong's death. Because like David, you cannot replace the Leader/king until the Leader/king dies.

Mr. Dankenbring becomes God's new Spiritual leader, after having proven himself worthy to follow only the Bible for 30 years from 1957 (the year of his conversion), to 1987.


16.) The 1986 death of Mr. Armstrong, "activated" Triumph Prophetic Ministries Church of God. 19 years from the "NEW" START of the New Time cycle starting with Mr. Armstrong's death in 1986 + 19 years= 2015 which is the 1st year for the Place of Safety, which is of great importance. (And please remember we are also dealing with synchronizing the Hebrew and Julian Calendars, so the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 for closing the door on the Place of Safety can overlap by 1 month causing 2014 to go into Jan of 2015).


17.) 2007 Infrastructure is being set up for God's end-time work : 1957 Mr. Dankenbring was called, 1957 + 50 years (Jubilee block of years is 2007 which is 50 years later from 1957 for Mr. Dankenbring to start the setting up of the "end-time" infrastructure of final work for warning the World through Triumph Prophetic Ministries (ever wonder why God led Mr. Dankenbring to call it Triumph PROPHETIC Ministries? Well now you "know" why.

This 2007 infrastructure is going to be built "starting" 2007 to be completed by 2010, so that it can broadcast to the World (and "NOT" just phone hook-up), starting in 2010.


18.) 1987-2018 = 30 years of "Triumph Prophetic Ministries Church of God": Similar to Jesus' lifespan of having the Holy Spirit guide Jesus even at age 12 when Jesus spoke in the Temple to the Elders.


19.) 1967 6 day war to 2007= 40 years= 2007 The start of setting up the Triumph Prophetic Ministries Church of God "INFRASTRUCTURE" to warn the world! Then after 3 1/2 years of building the INFRASTRUCTURE for 2010:

Then in 2010 Triumph Prophetic Ministries Church of God starts to Broadcast "to the World".


20.) 1948-2018= 70 years have passed since the founding of the State of Israel. The Bible states that "this" generation shall NOT pass away until all is fulfilled Matt 24:34. As you know, a generation is 3 score and ten= 70 years Psalm 90:10 and that means that 1948 + 70 years = 2018 is the last year that generation has till Jesus returns.

21.) A 50 x 50 cycle of Jubilees = a 50 year multiple = Jubilee: 4 B.C. is the year Jesus was born, and 2017 makes 2021 years since Jesus was born. 2021 divided by 40 as in the World being 40 years in the Spiritual wilderness = 50.52 which is “a Jubilee 50 year multiple” of 50 times 50 Jubilee years. It Jubilee TIMES Jubilee, and that has never happened ever before, and still fits in perfectly with 2018 (the .52 may be accounted for using the Julian calendar year which is 1 and 1/4 day longer than the Hebrew Calendar year).




A.) We, (the TPM Church), warns the World for the 1st 3 1/2 years starting 2010 - 2011

In 2014 we leave for the Place of Safety.

In 2014 our 2 Witnesses/members that we must leave behind, take over and start preaching from Jerusalem.

3 1/2 years later they are slain which is in 2018.

We know that the dead shall not rise until Christ returns, and that the 2 Witnesses will come back to life and stand on their feet after 3 days, so therefore Jesus returns when the 2 Witnesses come back to life, and all the dead who died in Christ (not the rest of the dead) are raised.


B.) If those days were not cut short, no flesh would be saved alive. Matt 24:22 Therefore the days included in 2018 will be cut short by days not years, unless you do not with to believe the word “days” in the Bible that clearly states:"Unless those “days” be shortened, no flesh would be saved alive".


1918-2018 = 100 years since the end of 1st World War which was called "The GREAT WAR to end all wars" = to 100 years to the end of the "real" 2018 Last Great “World” War.


The points in this article have been written on July 28 2007, and what to look for "immediately" is the start of negotiations for the Jews to have the Temple mount to re-build (3rd Temple) that could start this year in 2008 because June 5 1967 (the start of the 6 day war) to June 5 2007 was 40 years.


But the fly in the ointment is that fighting between Israel and Egypt did not formally end for many years, although Israel controlled the Sinai Peninsula. Not until the 1979 Camp David Accords did the two countries finally reach peace.

40 years from 1979 = 2019 which again brings us very close to 2018 and accounts for those days being shortened.


In 1967 Israel secured its position in the Occupied Territories by extending its lines to the boundaries of the Arab states. The Sinai, West Bank, and Golan Heights were all fortified, and parts of these areas were lightly settled with Jewish Israelis. Israel also announced its intent to secure Jerusalem as its undivided and eternal capital, further antagonizing the Arab states. These disagreements eventually led to the 1973 "/encyclopedia_761564886/Arab-Israeli_War_of_1973.html". Nonetheless, Resolution 242, which followed the Six-Day War, created the foundation of the peace process that began to yield results in the late 1970s.

1973 plus 40 years is 2013, which is in the time we are leaving for the Place of Safety, so again the numbers work.

And 1967 to the 1979 Camp David Accords "was" 12 years which is another Biblical number, so again you can see we are dealing with all sorts of Biblical numbers, that can tell us "when" the season is for Jesus' return of 1979 plus 40 years is circa 2019 with again the days shortened to 2018.


Because the rest of Revelations is so spread out and complicated, here is a CHART to put together the years with the Bible account of:


What will happen and “when” it will happen


Dates for the Coming Events of the Bible Seals

Trumpets, Woes, & Bowls

The 7 years of Tribulation start in 2010


2011 starts the 1st Seal and starts Year 1: Rev.6:2 White Horse A “False Gospel” goes out to the World.

2012 starts the 2nd Seal and starts Year 2: Rev.6:3-4 Red Horse War, Great sword

2013 starts the 3rd Seal and starts Year 3: Rev.6:5 Black Horse Food is not available.

2014 starts the 4th Seal and starts Year 4: Rev.6:7-8 Pale Horse Death1/4 die

2015 starts the 5th Seal and starts Year 5: Rev.6:9-11 Cry out: How much longer? 2015 is now 3 1/2 years from 2011, and now during 2015 comes the Sealing of God’s undefiled Spiritual virgins being sealed in the Place of Safety.


Man of Sin now Sits in the Holy Place/Temple in Jerusalem


2016 starts the 6th Seal and is Year 6: Rev.6:12-17 Great Earthquake; Heavenly Signs; sky recedes, people start hiding in the rocks. 2016 starts the 2nd half of the “Great” Tribulation which is  the 2nd 3 1/2 years of the 7 years. This Year 6 ends with the appearance of Heavenly Signs.


2017 starts the  7th Seal and is Year 7:

15 Days The Day Of The Lord Silence in heaven for 1/2 hour = 15 days Rev.8:1-7 & STARTS THE 7 TRUMPETS:

30 days/1 month of the 1st Trumpet 1/3 of all the earth’s trees and “all” green grass is burnt up

30 days/1 month of the 2nd Trumpet Meteorite falls into the Sea; 1/3 of Sea becomes blood;  1/3 of Sea creatures die, 1/3 of Ships are destroyed. Rev.8:8

30 days/1 month of the 3rd Trumpet Great Star from heaven 30 Days of Waters, Rivers become bitter, and Many die from the water Rev.8:10-11 1/3

30 days/1 month of the 4th Trumpet 1/3 of the Sun 1/3 of the Moon 1/3 of the Stars 6 cease to give light by 1/3  Rev.8:12

150 days/ 5 months of the 5th Trumpet = FIRST WOE Star falls from heaven; Bottomless pit is A opened; Locusts given power to torment men for 5 months, and their king is called Abaddon or Apolyon. Rev.9:1-12

30 days/1 month of the 6th Trumpet = SECOND WOE Four angels released at the Euphrates; Two hundred million man Army;  1/3 of mankind is killed. Two Witnesses Rev.9:13-21 (Rev.11:2-3;7-14) are killed at the end of this Woe, after 1,260 days of witnessing. End of 1260 days of Gentile occupation of  the holy city also at the end of this Woe (Rev.11:2-3).


315 days = total of the above days.   


This end of 2017 is also the end of the 1260 days which started after the end of year 4 which was in 2014, when God’s people were sealed and protected in the Place of Safety.


We now start to reign with Christ to straighten out this World, and we watch as Spirit Beings as Christ starts to deal with the Rebellious World.




7th Trumpet THIRD WOE Rev.11:15,18 Christ Returns; Resurrection of the dead; Rev.15:8

7 Days 1st Vial Foul sore upon men with the mark of the beast, and those that worship his image. Rev.16:3

7 Days  2nd Vial Sea becomes blood; Every creature in the sea dies Rev.16:3

7 Days 3rd Vial Water becomes blood 7 Days Rev.16:4

7 Days 4th Vial Men scorched with great heat; name of God is blasphemed Rev.16:8-9

7 Days 5th Vial Poured out on throne of beast; kingdom becomes full of darkness Rev.16:10

7 Days 6th Vial Euphrates is dried up; Three unclean spirits Gathering of World armies at Megiddo Rev.16:12-16

7 Days 7th Vial Proclamation: "IT IS DONE”; Great earth quake; Great hail; city divided into 3 parts. Rev.16:17-21

Beast and the False Prophet are thrown into the Lake of Fire, and Satan and his demons are put in the Bottomless Pit of Tartaroo.


49 days = Total of the above days


315 days

 49 days


364 days = the perfect number of days for the 7th Trumpet = 1 year of the Day of The Lord.

Authors comment: Evangelical Christians all say that they cannot wait for the Day of The Lord, but if those poor misguided people even had a clue of what happens “during” The Day of the Lord (1 year) they would be trembling in fear instead of smugly smiling.


Conclusion of the matter:


“OBEY” the Bible word for word, line upon line, here a little, there a little, and

DO “NOT” change, delete, or add 1 word such as “year”, to the verse that states:

No one know the “day” or the “hour”.


So, from “all” the above “Bible” Scriptures we “know” the probable "YEAR", but do not know the day or the hour.


Those who "refuse" to look at the fig tree of the above events,

to see/know what the fig tree is doing,

do so to their own destruction.

And false ministers who tell you "NOT" to look at what the fig tree is doing, are liars who are adding words to the Bible,  and are teaching contrary to the Bible!


We on the other hand are telling you to OBEY “EVERY” WORD of the Bible;


your are “not” to add the word “year” to the Bible,

for only lying ministers add the word “year” to the Bible.


These lying ministers who add the word “year” to the Bible also


about the Bible’s Mathematics.

5777 is the Hebrew Calendar Year of  2018.

5777 means

5= the number of Grace

7 God’s number of Perfection/Completion

and 3 times Completion means the 3 SEVENS represent Finality.

So do not listen to false ministers who do not even know the Bible’s Mathematics


Instead: Pray that our “KING” will arrive quickly in 2018 = 5777.