Editors Note: Below is an article found posted in sci.life-extension news group. Dr. Farber had previously endorsed this formulation of our Mild Silver Protein product and credited it with saving his life; prior to then starting to market his own product. The opinions expressed are those of the article's author and are presented without editing; names, addresses, and phone numbers have been truncated to protect the privacy of individuals. For more information about impartial lab testing, efficacy, product history, and definitive silver protein comparison testing see: http://www/xpressnet.com/bhealthy/bhealthy/html.

Date: 19 Jul 1996


1. Fraud outlined in Dr. Farber's book Coll/AG-30
2. Fraud regarding Dr. Farber's alleged non-profitable endorsement of Coll/AG-40
3. Fraud regarding Dr. Farber's claims for Coll/AG-40
4. Total misleading of the public by Dr. Farber
5. A sham operation by Dr. Farber to extract money from the compromised unsuspecting public.

Dr. Farber states that he only endorses the Micro Silver Bullet-Coll/AG-40. Dr. Farber does not state the company is located in his home town, is owned by his relatives, and is only a mail drop. But he does state that he makes no money from the sale of the product, if anyone can believe that one. *Outside concerns, tested a bottle of Dr. Farber's endorsed product Coll/AG-40, distributed by him or his family, named the Micro Silver Bullet, 4582 East Kingwood Dr., Suite 240, Kingwood, Texas 77345. Again, a mail drop in Dr. Farber's home town. The label on the bottle stated a number, 0067, not designated as a lot number, and showed an expiration date of 1/98.


1. The label states the contents as 4 fluid ounces, yet the container contained 16 ounces. Whoever made up the label doesn't know measurements.
2. The label states, as does Dr. Farber adamantly on his Internet Web site, HTTP://pmadt.com/silver-bullet-gold/about.htm, that the particle size of the silver is certified at .001 microns. Dr. Farber, of course, does not state who certified that particle size. However,*if anyone really did check the particle size, they could not have been over two years of age. Comparatively speaking, the actual size of Dr. Farber's alleged .001 micron silver particle would be considered by any competent scientist, as a boulder of silver. There is as much truth in the statement by Dr. Farber, or on the Coll/AG-40 label that the silver particle size is .001 microns, as there is in me stating that it snowed last July in Miami Beach.
3. The label states, as does Dr. Farber in his web site, that Coll/AG-40, the Micro Silver bullet contains 40 ppm's. The testing results revealed 22 ppm and I'll bet if we test the product next month it will be below 10 ppm's.
4. Testing revealed that Dr. Farber's product Coll/AG-40 is a potentially dangerous product, as preliminary testing reveals high ion content within the product. Ions are toxic.
5. Dr. Farber's label states that his product is mild silver protein. If the wrong protein is present, that in itself could create another toxic danger as many proteins are toxic, some extremely.
6. Dr. Farber hides the identity of the manufacturer of his product, a good guess is that its made in a bathtub in someone's home.
7. Finally, Dr. Farber's revolutionary electro-colloidal process is impossible. Mild silver protein cannot be made electrically, although colloidal silver without protein can be.

Originally Dr. Farber contacted *the lab in 1994. Dr. Farber explained that he had Lyme disease and Multiple Sclerosis and heard that *there had been developed some products that might help him with his afflictions. *Research information then *was released to Dr. Farber regarding products developed *along with protocols that were developed regarding his afflictions. *Dr. Farber was then referred to another practitioner that had been successful in treating Dr. Farber's afflictions, Dr. from Colorado. Dr. from Colorado explained to Dr. Farber what to use and how to treat his afflictions. Dr. from Colorado had little respect for Dr. Farber as a practitioner, due to the fact in conversations between them, Dr. Farber had stated there were flea problems within his environment and he had no idea fleas can carry deadly diseases. Dr. Farber had no idea that fleas were carriers of the Bubonic plague. Dr. Farber adhered to Dr. from Colorado's advice and treated himself successfully using products, for the most part, from *the lab*. Dr. Farber did arrange some testing of *Mild Silver Protein by Dr. Burgdorfer, NIH, and Dr. Henderson at Temple University. However, as was later learned, Dr. Farber mislead these scientists conducting these tests by implying *the product was a product that he discovered and developed when, in fact, its current uses were discovered by Dr. from Colorado years before, as was the development of a potent, non-toxic, stabilized form of Mild Silver Protein*. Dr. Farber contacted *the lab and presented a plan to market Coll/Ag-30 and stated he would write a book about his experiences with mild silver protein. After many conversations during which Dr. Farber made himself appear to be a legitimate businessman, *the lab agreed to supply Dr. Farber under contract, *Mild Silver Protein at 30 ppm, under his own label, Coll/AG-30 "The Micro Silver Bullet", for resale. When Dr. Farber released his book Coll/AG-30, *the lab objected to it, as it contained an abundance of misleadings and untruths. *The lab also learned that Dr. Farber set up his business in his family's name to make it appear as if he was not profiting from the sale of Coll/Ag-30. This way Dr. Farber could make all kinds of wild medical claims without government reprisal. When it was discovered by *the lab that Dr. Farber was selling his Coll/AG-30 for $17.00 above *list price for the Mild Silver Protein product, while receiving people's money without delivering the product, *the lab abruptly cancelled Dr. Farber's contract to supply him "any" products. Dr. Farber was not happy that his afflictions seemed to be corrected, and at no cost to him. Dr. Farber shunned the people that helped him, demanded notoriety and money, claiming he was the discoverer of the product and its cures. In fact, Dr. Farber discovered nothing, and obtained all the information from others. From there Dr. Farber contacted, at random, many people with dubious reputations producing silver solutions so as to continue his scheme of fleecing the public with total disregard for the health and welfare of already compromised U.S. citizens. *The lab was sent a 16 oz. bottle of Coll/AG-40-The Micro Silver Bullet purchased for $160.00 from the address on the bottle. After testing by *the lab and one university, it was determined that due to the large particle size, the contaminants, and instability of the product, anyone could manufacture Dr. Farber's 16 ozs. of silver water for about one dollar. Further testing is currently underway on Dr. Farber's sham product, and claims, by *the lab and outside concerns. Testing has been ongoing regarding colloidal silver compounds by *the lab and outside testing facilities, so as to not create any bias of *the lab's testing results. To date all colloidal silver suspensions, other than one, have shown to either be a sham, potentially dangerous, and toxic, or totally unstable. It's incredible what lengths people will go to, to cheat and steal money from people with debilitating diseases.

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