Vaxxed/POISONED protocol with you. This post is not medical advice. It is for information purposes only. Use (or don’t use) this protocol at your own risk. If you want to keep your blinders on and pretend that these vaccines/QUACKxines have zero negative effects whatsoever on your body, you should stop reading here. Otherwise, proceed to the protocol.

Blaylock’s COVID Vaccine Protocol

1.   50 billion CFU of several acidophilus and bifidobacterial strains — along with a GOS probiotic — each morning before breakfast

2.   A B-complex vitamin (Pure Encapsulation)

3.   Nano-vitamin C 500mg capsules (three between each meal)

4.   Buffered Vitamin C with Hepseridin — three 500mg capsules with each meal.

5.   L-carnitine 500 mg three times a day with meals.

6.   NAD+ nicotinamide — one capsule a day

7.   Nano-Curcumin — two 250mg capsules with each meal

8.   Nano-Quercetin — one 250mg capsules with each meal

9.   Nano-Bacopa — two capsules twice a day with a meal

10.                     NAC 900 mg capsules — two capsules taken with a meal once a day.

11.                     Mixed tocotrienols — 150 mg a day

12.                     Magnesium citrate/malate (Pure Encapsulation) a powder — 250mg dissolved in 4 ounces of water three times a day

13.                     Baicalin 250 mg dissolved in water (4 ounces) twice a day
Note: This can be mixed with the magnesium, and is a powerful antiviral.

14.                     Pterostilbene — 200 mg twice a day with a meal.

15.                     CoQ10 — 600mg taken three times a day with food (Doctor’s Best)

16.                     Astragalus — one capsule a day (enhances lymphocyte production)

17.                     Benfotiamine in a dose of 150mg twice a day with a meal for brain protection.

18.                     One adult aspirin for day if magnesium + nanocurcumin are not available and an emergency “stop-gap” is needed.

For those unable to take pills, numbers 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12 and 13 can be dissolved in water and have very little taste when mixed together.

Blaylock said the main effects of COVID vaccines are centered around inflammation and macrophage/microglial activation. “These supplements listed above powerfully inhibit these two processes,” he said.

COVID vaccines also induce thrombosis (blood clots) and micro-thrombosis, thus many of these supplements will slightly thin the blood and prevent blood clots, such as the magnesium, nano-quercetin and nano-curcumin.

Blaylock said magnesium is the most important thing on the list, as it alters the rheology of the red blood cells to reduce risks and also acts as a mild anticoagulant, while vitamin C inhibits excessive coagulation.

“Hydration is also essential,” he said. “One should drink at least five or six glasses of purified [Distilled] water a day [1/2 your weight in ounces 160 lb. person is 160 divided by 2=80 ounces=10 eight ounce glasses 4 in the morning 4 in the afternoon]. White tea also inhibits the inflammation and suppresses many viruses.

For conventional vaccines, Blaylock recommended using a cold pack on the injection site to block the immune reaction. For COVID vaccines the opposite may be true:

Heat may inactivate the nanolipid carrier and destroy the mRNA, which is why they keep most of the vaccine in very cold storage. Later, say days to weeks, it may be helpful to take very cold showers or if available use the cold treatments at a special center, such as Core Cryotherapy center. Cold blocks the immune reactions and could prevent the damage that occurs later. IV vitamin C plus magnesium infusions would also help reduce symptoms.