Wake Up:

In 2020 “BEFORE” the Jab: people and athletes weren’t DROPPING DEAD like “NOW” in 2021.

It is the JAB that is killing people, NOT any variant virus.



What’s Goin’ On?

REALIZE the whole World is only made up of 2 Groups:

1.)  The Satan controlled Masonic World Corporations, with Masonic controlled political Leaders like Trump, Biden, Boris Johnson U.K., Putin Russia, etc.,

(who are only given jabs with just Saline Solution coded with a 1 on the bottle).


And then there is the 2nd group

2.)  You/us, the powerless Sheeple, who are forced to drink their Kool-Aid of Fluoridated water, with Chemical Trails pouring down on us daily, GMO Food, and “NOW” forced to take their/a poison Jab.

via a second set of bottles for you with mildly diluted poison with a 2 on the bottle, and a third set that is full strength with a 3 on the bottle. These bottles contain cow blood, chicken fibroblast (connective tissue), dog kidney cells, insect cells, aborted baby tissue (cells), aluminum, and graphene, so toxic that if dropped on the floor, you’re required to call a Hazmat Team to clean it up. And worse than that:


A.) “YOUR” jab is “PROVEN” to be full of GRAPHENE OXIDE nano particles that are like razor blades continually circulating in your blood

slicing up your kidneys, liver, and heart, until you die within 2 years.


B.) Athletes are dying sooner than the general population because they pump more blood during vigorous sports, whereby the graphene is slicing up their internal organs, heart, liver, and kidneys more rapidly.


C.)  And when people die IMMEDIATELY upon injection or are dead in 2 days, that means that the nurse accidently hit a vein, so the poisonous vax with graphene goes DIRECTLY into their bloodstream instead of their muscle, so that they die immediately or within 2 days, instead of 2 years. 70% of the vaxxed could die by 2024.


D.) As of December 21, 2021 At least 241,132,288 people or 73% of the USA population have received at least one dose.


E.)  That MEANS that by 2024 at 70% of  241,132,28= 168,792,601= 170 million dead Americans by 2024, because they call us worthless (eaters), and deplorables.


F.)   That is “why” they are hiding mobile crematoriums the size of small buses, to prepare to incinerate all the bodies they will have to dispose of, in all the American small towns, after they kill us. And to destroy the evidence, so that an Autopsy cannot be performed to show that the razor graphene cut up the heart, liver and kidneys.


That ‘IS’ what is going on> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NXnxTNIWkc

also click here> https://www.bitchute.com/video/oKwgYmrs1od9/


Don’t take that jab BECAUSE it is not a vaccine but is a KILL SHOT

designed to reduce the World’s Population

so that “less of us” will be easier to manage

in order for the elite to bring in their NWO (New World Order).


Don’t take the jab, because you are only fighting a bad case of the flu and 100% of the children and 99.997 under 60 get well “without” the jab,

and only 4% of people over 60 have complications. Which means you still have 96% odds in your favour of recovering “without” the KILLER jab/KILL SHOT JAB.