"Rebuttals of Promoters Misinformation"


Our products are safe because they have been used since 1900, which is over 100 years. Our formula is based on the Original Medical Journal formulas that gave the results "before" penicillin and the sulpha drugs were even invented. Our type of silver has been used by the Medical Community and reported in the Medical Journals from 1919 to circa 1947.


The silver user must beware of claims made at http://www.silver-colloids.com that their colloidal silver is the only true colloidal silver and is the type that produced the results in Medical Journals in the 1940’s against 650 disease pathogens.  This is false for the following reasons:


To address disease you need 5,000 ppm and that is "proven" time and time again by recording the actual bacterial and viral loads of the patients after taking the 5,000 ppm. Their 20 ppm is worthless in the bloodstream because 1 teaspoon (5 cc)  of 20 ppm is diluted down to less than 1/100 of 1 ppm by everyone's 6,000 cc of blood.


That is grade 6 mathematics. Divide 5 cc of 20 ppm into 6,000 cc of blood and you will get less than 1/100 of 1 ppm, which is a worthless strength inside the body.  The Medical Journal Results confirm this, taking various concentrations of silver in vitro, and testing the effectiveness against pathogens. 


Mild silver protein introduces a specially formulated protein stabilizer that permits much higher ppm values to be stored safely in a bottle, without precipitating out.  When ingested in the body, the mild silver protein releases the colloidal silver at the concentrations required to treat the pathogens.  Without the stabilizer, colloidal silver concentrations required to deal with pathogens cannot be achieved in the body without drinking many gallons of colloidal silver.  The dollar cost would be astronomical.


Our 5000 ppm has 250 times larger "total" surface area than promoters 20 ppm:



1.) The "total" surface area of all 20 pieces of promoters 20 ppm increased surface area = 20 * p (.01 m) 2 = 0.00628 square microns.  (m is the symbol for a micron = 10-6 m, and p = 3.1416.  The diameter of a single silver particle is 0.01 m).


2.) The "total" surface area of 1 of INVIVE's .005 to .015 particles is = p (.01 m) 2 = 0.000314 square microns, for a spherical silver particle of average diameter 0.01 m.


3.) INVIVE'S Total particle surface area in one dose of 5000 = 5000 * p (.01 m )2 = 1.5708 square microns.


4.) INVIVE’S 5000 ppm silver has 250 times more surface area than promoters 20 ppm silver


5.) Therefore our 5000 ppm has 250 times the effectiveness of their 20 ppm. The comparison is for a fixed spherical size of silver particle, since there are many promoters of silver in the range of 20 ppm.


6.) Effectiveness can only be compared for a fixed particle size.  It is not true that producing more particles of smaller size to get a greater surface area for the same ppm of silver will necessarily increase effectiveness.  This is especially true of very small particles, where the smallest sizes are ineffective against pathogens.  The silver user should beware of claims of large surface area at low ppm.


7.) To have equivalent surface area to Invive 5000, the promoters would have to manufacture a silver particle size 250 times smaller at 20 ppm.  This is because the surface area relative to the silver mass is inversely proportional to the particle diameter.  This would be a particle of 0.04 nm (nanometers) in diameter.  Such a size could not be made, and if it could, is too small to be effective against pathogens.


8.) Analysis of the promoters site for Mesosilver 20 has determined that their data is suspect as deliberately misrepresentative of the facts that their own site presents for the small particle size they are claiming in http://www.silver-colloids.com/Tables/Comparison.html. The lab results state an average size of 18.04 nm but show a graph implying a size of 0.678 nm which seems very small and inconsistent.



5000 ppm does not have only a 20% adsorption rate:

As a rebuttal to the promoters: Even "if" a 5000 ppm had only 20 % adsorption rate (which it does not), that 20% of 5,000 ppm will "STILL" be/result in 1,000 ppm strength, as compared to the promoters weak 20 ppm


Ask yourself:

Which is stronger?

20 fighting men or 5,000 fighting men?

20 particles of silver attacking the pathogens, or 5,000 particles attacking the pathogens.


Regarding their hype of tying a brick to the silver to keep it up:

We could also make a "weak" 20 ppm silver solution,

without using the protein

but 20 ppm is a worthless strength against disease.


The reason we use a protein is that you have to increase the viscosity of the liquid medium in order to hold up 5,000 pieces of silver.


The same way one would have to increase the viscosity of a salt solution, in order to suspend 5,000 grains of salt in a glass vs. just 20 grains of salt in a glass.


If we did not put 5,000 pieces of silver into our solution, we would not use a protein. And could make a silver just like theirs without a protein.

But we put in 5,000 pieces of silver because that is the amount needed to get one's blood concentration (using 1 teaspoon of silver) to at least 4.6 ppm, in order to be effective against disease.

A teaspoon of a 20 ppm once diluted down by everyone's 6000 cc of blood results in a less than 1/100 ppm in the bloodstream, which is a useless strength in the body against all pathogens except yeast.


Silver-colloids.com, though they try to make themselves look like an unbiased site, is "not" an independent site as they try to portray themselves.


It is a front for

1.) purestcolloids.com and a brand of silver called 

2.) Mesosilver.

They all sell a weak 20 ppm solution, but try to give the impression that 20 ppm is effective internally against disease, when in fact the silver that cured 650 diseases since the 1940s has been strengths above 1000 ppm, and not weak 20 ppm.


They are trying to say that 20 bullets (pieces of silver) ((ppm))) per million pieces of H20 (water),

have the same ability as 5,000 bullets (pieces of silver ((ppm))) per million pieces of H20.


It is Scientifically "impossible" for 20 ppm (pieces of silver) to have the same effectiveness as 1,000 or 2,000 or 5,000 ppm (pieces of silver), because "each" particle of silver has to interfere with the enzymes of "each" piece of bacteria or virii.


Therefore 20 ppm (pieces of silver) can only attack (attach themselves) to 20 bacteria, whereas 5,000 ppm (pieces of silver) can attack (attach themselves) to 5,000 bacteria.


Please believe actual Science and not just pages of typing.


If you wish to see true "Scientific Data" and not just a bunch of typing see:


and then scroll up and down through "actual" in vitro studies against actual pathogens.


In the 20 ppm promoters comparison tables, Invive 5000 was not included for comparison.  They state:


“This sample was removed from further consideration and analysis."


1.) This is because "if" the Mild Silver Protein "was" considered for use against disease by them, they would have to admit that the pathogen killing power of a 5,000 ppm solution far exceeds the pathogen killing power of a 20 ppm solution.


2.) Plus they would have to report our 50 ppm consistently coming in at "over" 50 ppm, so that "our" customers get more for their purchase instead of less. The same holds true for "all" of our solutions, whereby:

We insure that there is "always" ppm that is just "above" the stated ppm (parts per million), and "never" below the stated ppm, as other manufacturers are evidenced to cheat the public with less ppm than is actually on their label.

The above 2 reasons"That" is why they will not test our INVIVE (Argentoproteiniumitetronic) Silver.


See our actual Scientific Data on our type of Silver by just

clicking here for actual Scientific Data  http://www.1stcenturychristian.com/bhealthy/bhealthy.html#HIVLET and

you will see that Data is from the "top", leading "Scientific Institutions" of 2 nations (Canada and the USA), and 

is dated 1995,

which is the date we first put out the information on Silver for you. There is even a paper from the leading Scientist Emeritus of the NIH, (National Institute of Health) Dr. William Burgdorfer, the discoverer of Lyme Disease, who had the spirochete named after himself as Borillia Burgdorferi. You "cannot" get any higher recommendation that that anywhere in the world.

This is because way back in 1995 we had the truth about silver that worked, and proved it by putting up the actual "scientific" studies of our type of Silver.


This is the proof that "ALL" of the other Silver distributors are lying about their products,

because way back in 1995 before they even knew about "any" form of Silver, (let alone our Medical Journal Silver),


we were putting up proof via "independent" data

from the leading Universities, and

"independent" leading Scientific institutions,

that had tested our type of Silver "independently" to "prove" that it and higher ppm (parts per million) worked best.


The above link is the "actual" 1995 "Scientific" data that proved our statements on Silver.


Since then hundreds of distributors have been typing away putting up Web Sites


"any" "independent" Scientific Data to substantiate their outrageous claims that their silver is the best.


Please do not be misled by all the lies of the newcomers since 1995, who are "all" just typing away, just making up lies, without having any of the "leading" recognized "independent" institutions do tests of their products to show you the actual killing effect on the pathogens via actual "Scientific Studies", and instead just type up endless lies and hype.


This is "how" you will know who to believe, since your very life and health is dependant on your making an informed decision.


Silver is Allopathic and not Homeopathic



Please click here


to see an overview of the ppm (parts per million) strengths required for pathogens groups,


and please also click here



to see the actual D.D.R. (Doctors' Desk Reference) which uses only the 5,000 ppm. See what the actual MDs' themselves (past ((1940s)) and present ((2000s))) subscribe to and used, and continue to use, as Protocols in the usage of 5,000 ppm silver.


"Why" Mild Silver Protein works better than Ionic Silver:


The difference between an ionic silver (a "solution" of ions), and Mild Silver Protein (a suspension of atoms), is that

ionic silver is a single positive charge on a single atom of silver, as in Ag(+) valence 1. 




Mild Silver Protein (a "suspension" of particles, each particle comprised of "many" atoms, ((which makes MSP a "true colloidal" suspension of silver) particles, and not a solution of ions)), is that:

In MSP there are tiny particles of metallic silver, with each particle consisting of "many" atoms = "a number of" silver atoms to comprise an actual particle, instead of an ionic solution that just has an ion that just has just "1" atom. 


Silver ions have a high solubility in pure nitrate solutions, but a very limited solubility in chloride, stomach acid, and other salt solutions in the body.  The highest potencies can only be achieved by mild silver protein.


Therefore in the correct size range, colloidal silver works better than ionic silver, on microorganisms.