"Rebuttals of Promoters' Misinformation":
Why do other companies all tell you/direct you that you have to take more silver than we do?
Because particle size/surface area does "NOT" determine effectiveness, PPM (parts per million does).
They are LIARS about their surface area and particle size being more effective "BECAUSE" you have to take more of their silver than ours to get any result.
Their own dosing instructions PROVES that THEY ARE LIARS.


RE: Mild Silver Protein safety:


Medical Journal Mild silver protein is safe because it has been used since 1902, which is over 100 years. Because of its International distribution, that means millions of people worldwide have used Mild silver protein with no side effects.


It is the yellow journalism strawman approach that would say that no one should never use a car, because the yellow journalist states that they (the yellow journalist) once had an accident with a car, or they knew of someone who once had an accident with a car. You have a greater chance of being struck by lightning, than of contracting argyria (light greyish colouring of skin, eyes, or mucous membranes) from Mild silver protein. Yet pawns of the multi-national drug Companies, stupid people, and meanspirited people would tell you not to ever drive a car because they had, or knew of, someone who had an accident with a car.

An even more relevant example would be to say that:
"No one should play golf", because someone knew a person who was struck by lightning while playing golf. Yet there are millions of golfers worldwide who have "never" been struck by lightning. (Common sense is not so common it seems, especially when people are typing away on the Internet).


Always remember that "millions" of people took Mild silver protein worldwide for over the past 100 years safely.


Our formula is based on the Original 1938 Medical Journal formulas that the MD's used, which gave the results "before" penicillin and the sulpha drugs were even invented by the multi-national drug companies, and before the takeover of our Food and Drug supply by the government.


Our type of Mild silver protein has been used by  MDs for over 100 years, with repeatedly reported usage "and" listing in the Medical Journals from 1919 to circa 1947, and as late as 1978 in Europe.


RE: Promoters, ignorant, stupid, and meanspirited people, people with their own Corporate drug agenda, agents and pawns of the multi-national Drug Companies, and scam sites try to denigrate (bash) Mild Silver Protein:


The silver user must beware of claims made by the above types of people, Promoters of weak (under 500 ppm silver), and scam Sites (that "look" scientifically professional ((but are not))), and Sites that are "posing" as "independent" Sites.
These scam Sites will also say that:
1.) These scam sites will say that Mild silver protein is not colloidal silver (though it has been the "only" colloidal silver listed in the Medical Journals as colloidal silver for over 50 years).
2.) These scam sites will lie by inferring 20 paltry (measly) particles of silver have a greater surface area than 5000 particles! Ask yourself: Do 20 regular compact car tires have a larger surface area than "5,000" normal family size car tires? Of course not. But they trick the public by saying and inferring that their low 20 ppm (parts per million) has more relative surface area "without" telling the public that Invive "at 5000" ppm has 250 times more surface area than their 20 ppm.
Here are the actual "mathematical" proofs (not just misleading typing and misleading graphs), that proves "mathematically":

Our Invive 5000 ppm has 250 times larger "total" surface area than promoters scam 20 ppm:


1.) The "total" surface area of all 20 pieces of promoters 20 ppm increased surface area = 20 * p (.01 m) 2 = 0.00628 square microns.  (m is the symbol for a micron = 10-6 m, and p = 3.1416.  The diameter of a single silver particle is 0.01 m).


2.) The "total" surface area of 1 of INVIVE's .005 to .015 particles is = p (.01 m) 2 = 0.000314 square microns, for a spherical silver particle of average diameter 0.01 m.


3.) INVIVE'S Total particle surface area in one dose of 5000 = 5000 * p (.01 m )2 = 1.5708 square microns.


4.) INVIVE’S 5000 ppm silver has 250 times more surface area than promoters 20 ppm silver


5.) Therefore our 5000 ppm has 250 times the effectiveness of their 20 ppm. The comparison is for a fixed spherical size of silver particle, since there are many promoters of silver in the range of 20 ppm.


6.) Effectiveness can only be compared for a fixed particle size.  It is not true that producing more particles of smaller size to get a greater surface area for the same ppm of silver will necessarily increase effectiveness.  This is especially true of very small particles, where the smallest sizes are ineffective against pathogens.  The silver user should beware of claims of large surface area at low ppm.


7.) To have equivalent surface area to Invive 5000, the promoters would have to manufacture a silver particle size 250 times smaller at 20 ppm.  This is because "the" surface area relative to the silver mass is inversely proportional to the particle diameter.  This would be a particle of 0.04 nm (nanometers) in diameter.  Such a size could not be made, and if it could, is too small to be effective against pathogens.


8.) Analysis of the silver promoters site for 20 ppm weak silver, has determined that their data is suspect as deliberately misrepresentative of the facts that their own site presents for the small particle size they are claiming in their comparison table. Their lab results state an average size of 18.04 nm but show a graph implying a size of 0.678 nm which seems very small and proves inconsistent via their own data because the graph is way below 18.04 nm.


Theirs is an absurd lying deception that they perpetrate on the public to sell their weak 20 ppm solution, while posing as an independent site.




Weak (20 ppm ((parts per million))) silver solutions were "never" ever used orally (internally) by the Medical Journals to address serious diseases.
The Medical Journal Silver strengths that produced the results in Medical Journals in the 1940’s against 650 disease pathogens were:
1.) a 50% solution at 10,000 ppm (derived from a 20,000 ppm Laboratory mother solution).
2.) a 10% solution at 2,000 ppm (derived from the 20,000 ppm Laboratory mother solution).
3.) a   5% solution at 1,000 ppm (derived from the 20,000 ppm Laboratory mother solution). 

To address disease you need 5,000 ppm and that is "proven" time and time again by achieving and recording the actual bacterial and viral loads of the patients (that are below detectable) after taking the 5,000 ppm. Their 20 ppm is worthless in the bloodstream because 1 teaspoon (5 cc)  of 20 ppm is diluted down to less than 1/100 of 1 ppm by everyone's 6,000 cc of blood.


That is Grade 6 mathematics. Divide 5 cc of 20 ppm into 6,000 cc of blood and you will get a dilution factor of 1,200 times 6,000 cc divided by 5 cc= 1,200 times.

Then divide 20 ppm by 1,200 times= 20 divided by 1,200= 0.01666666666 and you will readily see that the 20 ppm reduces down to less than 1/100 of 1 ppm, which is a worthless strength inside the body. The Medical Journal Results confirm this, by actually taking various concentrations of silver in vitro (in the petrie dish), and testing the effectiveness against pathogens. With the exception of yeast, one needs to use at least 4 ppm of silver in the petrie dish to kill most pathogens, and therefore less than 1/100 of 1 ppm will not be effective. Again: 1/100 of 1 ppm is what a 20 ppm dilutes down to in the bloodstream, which is a worthless strength internally.  


Re the stabilization of Mild Silver Protein:

Mild silver protein introduces a specially formulated protein stabilizer that permits much higher ppm values to be stored safely in a bottle, without precipitating out.  When ingested in the body, the mild silver protein releases the colloidal silver at the concentrations required to treat the pathogens.  Without the stabilizer, colloidal silver concentrations required to deal with pathogens cannot be achieved in the body without drinking many gallons of colloidal silver.  The dollar cost would be astronomical.


Re the adsorption rate of Invive:

5000 ppm does not have only a 20% adsorption rate:

As a rebuttal to the promoters: Even "if" a 5000 ppm had only 20 % adsorption rate (which it does not), that 20% of 5,000 ppm will "STILL" be/result in 1,000 ppm strength, as compared to the promoters' weak 20 ppm.




Ask yourself:


Which is stronger?

20 fighting men or 5,000 fighting men?

20 particles of silver attacking the pathogens, or 5,000 particles attacking the pathogens.


Regarding their hype of tying a balloon to the silver to keep it up:

We could also make a "weak" 20 ppm silver solution,

"without" using the protein,

and it would be less expensive for us,

but 20 ppm is a worthless strength internally against disease.



The reason we use a protein is that you have to increase the viscosity of the liquid medium in order to hold up "5,000" pieces of silver.


The same way one would have to increase the viscosity of a salt solution, in order to suspend 5,000 grains of salt in a glass vs. just 20 grains of salt in a glass.


If we did not put 5,000 pieces of silver into our solution, we would not use a protein. And could make a silver just like theirs without a protein.


But we put in 5,000 pieces of silver because that is the amount needed to get one's blood concentration (using 1 teaspoon of silver) to at least 4.6 ppm, in order to be effective against disease.



WHY YOU NEED 5000 ppm for results:

A teaspoon of a 20 ppm once diluted down by everyone's 6000 cc of blood results in a less than 1/100 ppm in the bloodstream, which is a useless strength in the body against all pathogens except yeast.


Warning to the unwary:

A sites that sells or lists a 20 ppm silver, (though it tries to make itself look like an unbiased site), is "not" an independent site as it tries to portray itself.


It is a front for:

1.) brands of silver that are in the 20 ppm range. These sites:

They all sell a weak 20 ppm solution, but try to give the impression that 20 ppm is effective internally against disease, when in fact the silver that cured 650 diseases since the 1940s has been strengths "above" 1000 ppm, and not a weak, paltry 20 ppm.


They are trying to say that 20 bullets (pieces of silver) ((ppm))) per million pieces of H20 (water),

have the same ability as 5,000 bullets (pieces of silver ((ppm))) per million pieces of H20.


It is Scientifically "impossible" for 20 ppm (pieces of silver) to have the same effectiveness as 1,000 or 2,000 or 5,000 ppm (pieces of silver), because "each" particle of silver has to interfere with the enzymes of "each" piece of bacteria or virii.


Therefore 20 ppm (pieces of silver) can only attack (attach themselves) to 20 bacteria, whereas 5,000 ppm (pieces of silver) can attack (attach themselves) to 5,000 bacteria.


Please believe actual Science and not just pages of typing.


If you wish to see true "Scientific Data" and not just a bunch of typing see:


and then scroll up and down through "actual" in vitro studies against actual pathogens.


In the 20 ppm promoters comparison tables, Invive's type of mild silver protein was not even allowed to be included for comparison.  They state:


“This sample was removed from further consideration and analysis."


1.) This is because "if" the Invive type of Mild Silver Protein "was" considered for use against disease by them, they would have to admit that the pathogen killing power of a 5,000 ppm solution far exceeds the pathogen killing power of a 20 ppm solution.

2.) Plus they would have to report our 5000 ppm consistently coming in at "over" 5000 ppm, so that "our" customers get more for their purchase instead of less. The same holds true for "all" of our solutions, whereby:

We insure that there is "always" ppm that is just "above" the stated ppm (parts per million), and "never" below the stated ppm, as other manufacturers are evidenced to cheat the public with less ppm than is actually on their label.

The above 2 reasons"That" is why they will not test our INVIVE (Argentoproteiniumitetronic) Silver.


See the actual Scientific Data on our type of Silver from "truly" independent labs by just

clicking here for actual Scientific Data  http://www.1stcenturychristian.com/bhealthy/bhealthy.html#HIVLET and

you will see that Data is from the "top", leading "Scientific Institutions" of 2 nations (Canada and the USA), and 

is dated 1995,

which is the date we first put out the information on Silver for you. There is even a paper from the leading Scientist Emeritus of the NIH, (National Institute of Health) Dr. William Burgdorfer, the discoverer of Lyme Disease, who had the spirochete named after himself as Borrilia Burgdorferi. You "cannot" get any higher recommendation that that anywhere in the world.

This is because way back in 1995 we had the truth about silver that worked, and proved it by putting up the actual "scientific" studies of our type of Silver.


This is the proof that "ALL" of the other Silver distributors are lying about their products,

because way back in 1995 before they even knew about "any" form of Silver, (let alone our Medical Journal Silver),


we were putting up proof via "independent" data

from the leading Universities, and

"independent" leading Scientific institutions,

that had tested our type of Silver "independently" to "prove" that it and higher ppm (parts per million) worked best.


The above link is the "actual" 1995 "Scientific" data that proved our statements on Silver.


Since then hundreds of distributors have been typing away putting up Web Sites


"any" "independent" Scientific Data to substantiate their outrageous claims that their silver is the best.


Please do not be misled by all the lies of the newcomers since 1995, who are "all" just typing away, just making up lies, without having any of the "leading" recognized "independent" institutions do tests of their products to show you the actual killing effect on the pathogens via actual "Scientific Studies", and instead just type up endless lies and hype.

By following the rules of Science and Physics that confirm silver is allopathic, and by following the actual calculations above: 

This is "how" you will know who to believe, since your very life and health is dependant on your making an informed decision.


Silver is Allopathic and not Homeopathic


Please click here:

to see an "overview of the ppm" (parts per million) strengths required for pathogens groups,


and please also click here for the D.D.R. (Doctors Desk Reference):



to see the actual D.D.R. (Doctors' Desk Reference) which uses only the 5,000 ppm.


See what the actual MDs themselves (past ((1940s)) and present ((2000s))) subscribe to, and used, and continue to use, as Protocols, in the usage of 5,000 ppm silver.


Here again is the overall guideline chart:


in order to see an "overview of the ppm" (parts per million) strengths required, instead of having to read all the 50 pages in the DDR pathogens groups.


Our goal is your well-being.


Re all the liars saying particle size is more important than ppm (parts per million):
The easiest proof to show them as liars is that:
Silver is Allopathic and not homeopathic (homeopathic means heavily diluted preparations).
That is a basic fact of Science.
Therefore the higher the ppm (the less diluted), the better/stronger/more effective the silver.
Their below statement about small particles is an "OUTRIGHT LIE":
Small particles are more important than PPM
The proof that it is an outright lie is that:
They have to sell it by the gallon to get any results, BECAUSE silver IS ALLOPATHIC, "NOT" Homeopathic.
20 ppm vs 5,000 ppm:
5,000 ppm has MANY MANY TIMES more Silver particles. Not just twice as many but  250 times as many Silver particles.
250 times stronger, which is Allopathic. 
Homeopathy is where you will see that in Homeopathy "tinctures"/dilutions are used.
When silver becomes diluted it becomes "less" effective, not more effective, BECAUSE there are "less" silver particles.
This FACT of Science that silver is Allopathic and not Homeopathic, cannot be disputed.
Here are some other answers to the Lies on the Internet:
Lie 1:
an ion IS a particle (2) (an ion is an atom with an electrical charge and an atom is the SMALLEST particle of an element). Therefore not only is an ion a particle, it is an EXTREMELY SMALL PARTICLE and small particles are the defining element of a quality Colloidal Silver product. Small particles are more important than PPM, more important than color, and more important than the method of manufacture. Small particles (atoms and ions being the SMALLEST particles) are THE MOST IMPORTANT THING to look for in colloidal silver.
Ionic is missing an electron in the outer shell.
Ionic is NOT the same as an actual particle of silver.
They are "LIARS".
Lie 2:
All Colloidal Silver products, even those marketed as "particulate elemental silver", contain ionic silver.
They are outright liars.
Invive has "NO" ionic silver in it. Period.
Lie 3:
Any attempt to make claims about detrimental effects of of ionic silver (there are no detrimental effects known) would also apply to the product they are trying to promote.
Ionic silver is a chemical soup and a totally different product than pure Mild Silver Protein. See the left display panel of https://www.invive.com/index_3.htm which has stated for the last 10 years, and no one can challange it:

Do not believe the lines of EVERY colloidal silver promoter. Enlarge Frame

Silver is an allopathic and not a homeopathic remedy

 and therefore you need at least 2,000 p.p.m. (parts per million)

((not 10, 20, 100, or 1,100 p.p.m.))) to address concerns.

Promoters that say they have the smallest particle size do not know what they are talking about as they do not understand the methodology of Silver:

 A bacteria is .5 microns and you need a silver particle

at least the size of .005 microns (100 times smaller ((but no smaller))) to successfully suffocate the enzymes of a Bacteria (aerobic)


interfere with the enzymes of a Virus (anaerobic).

Smaller particles do not effectively cover the enzymes.


Regarding most commonly produced silver solutions that are “misbranded (misnamed)” as colloidal silver, but are in fact not colloidal solutions at all, but are only “ionic” solutions (made via an anode and a cathode through which an electric current is passed):



Clumping and aggregation of the solution occurs in all “ionic” solutions, resulting in an aggregation of the solution and precipitating of the product. This means that all you have left at the top of the bottle is water.



Ionic silver is toxic because silver oxides and impurities are formed “during” the electrolysis process. It is a chemical soup because of oxidation and uncontrolled reactions such as “bridging” due to the electrical current applied and inter reaction with the sides of the vessels.



“Ionic” silver must be produced via electrolysis (via electricity ((anode + cathode))), and ions will suppress the CD4 and CD8 functions of your immune system. One should therefore “not” use “ionic” silver (misnamed as colloidal silver by the uninformed and marketers) because “ionic” silver is “TOXIC” to your immune system.



"Ionic silver" (which is misnamed by Promoters as Colloidal Silver) is WORTHLESS WHEN SWALLOWED as: The stomach contains strong Hydrochloric Acid. As soon as the silver ions enter the stomach:

Immediately Silver Chloride forms. The resulting Silver Chloride has "no" pathogen killing power.



Ionic silver does not remain in the bloodstream for more than 8 (eight) seconds, before it becomes neutralized:

When “ionic” silver enters the bloodstream it becomes worthless as:

The exact same thing happens in the bloodstream as the stomach because of the high Chloride content, due to the presence of Potassium Chloride and Sodium.

What occurs is that the Silver ions quickly combine with the Chloride ions in the bloodstream to form Silver Chloride that is of no value. That is why informed Researchers have extrapolated that a silver ion has only a half-life of 8 (eight) seconds before it becomes useless. This is "why" one receives variable results or no result from "ionic" silver.


NB: The only type of Silver product that "will remain" to kill pathogens throughout the bloodstream, capillaries, tissue, and the spinal fluid (after crossing the blood/brain barrier) is: A solution of actual silver particles.



Ionic silver lacks an electron and is therefore unstable and is incapable of reacting in the body the same way as true Colloidal Silver:

 Inferior "ionic" silver does "not” have molecules of silver with "all" the electrons. Ionic silver has an electron missing in its outer shell.

(True Colloidal Silver must be formed of “actual” atoms of silver having all of their electrons. This is because silver particles are clusters of silver "atoms" ((not ions))).



It is impossible to produce ionic silver to the highest standard of purity.

Ionic silver products have impurities (Bismuth, Copper, Iron, Lead, Palladium, Selenium, Tellurium) in them from the foundry that produces the wire, metal bars or rods. Most silver manufacturers only have purity of silver to 3 nines: 99.9 which can also be written .999. It is physically impossible for a foundry to produce silver/draw silver wire at the required purity, as the manufacturing processes in the drawing of the wire contaminate the product.


The above scientific principles and methodologies are irrefutable.

They prove and provide the methodology whereby one can know and understand that mammals (including humans) can only utilize silver "atoms" to eliminate internal pathogens.



Most “ionic” silver is sold at 2 p.p.m. to 15 p.p.m. and that is a worthless strength against diseases inside your body.

If it is not at (at the least) 500 p.p.m., you will “not” be able to address the current mutated pathogens, because:


Once 10 c.c. (two teaspoons) of even a 500 p.p.m. solution of silver is diluted by the 6 (litres) of blood (in the average sized individual), you will have a concentration of 2 p.p.m. in the bloodstream.


That is the “minimum” to address most pathogens in the bloodstream.

(On average though, one generally needs an undiluted 20 p.p.m. solution to address most pathogens in vitro (in the petrie dish),

and the only way to achieve a 2 to 20 p.p.m. availability of silver in vivo = in the bloodstream (which is now diluting the silver down with 6 ((six)) litres of blood) is to use at least a 500 p.p.m. solution in amounts from 2 teaspoons to 20 teaspoons per day of 500 p.p.m...

Therefore demonstrated scientifically from actual laboratory results per the above:

If the solution is not “at least” 500 p.p.m. you will not be able to achieve a 2 p.p.m. to 20 p.p.m. concentration of silver in the bloodstream to address most common pathogens, let alone the current mutated pathogens.


This is the key to silver killing (eradicating) the pathogens in the individual that all of the silver producers are deliberately ignoring, or are unaware of because they do not know the Science involved.



You only want to purchase true colloidal silver made from “atoms” of silver (not ions),

in strengths from 500 p.p.m. to 20,000 p.p.m.,

so that you have an adequate enough level of silver “in the bloodstream” (not the bottle) of at least 2 p.p.m. to 20 p.p.m.,

which can only be achieved by using at least a 500 p.p.m. solution;

This is another “key” reason why this is the “only product” that gave the documented Medical Journal Results for 650 pathogens because it was sold at strengths of 500+ p.p.m..

Please believe and follow Science and not silver promoters heresey  hype, lies, and misinformation.

Lie 4

At any rate there is NO RESEARCH WHAT-SO-EVER that would indicate that the formation of AgCl detracts from the beneficial properties of silver


These people are "insane" liars. Ionic silver only half life of 7 seconds in the human bloodstream. As soon as the ionic silver combines with element in the bloodstream, the ionic silver BECOMES "INERT"/USELESS.

These liars deliberately don't tell you this, and instead only talk about ionic silver in the bottle, and not in the bloodstream or the stomach.

Bottom Line;