Silver was Safe and Effective and used by MDs for 36 years from 1902 to 1938 in the USA and indeed until 1978 in Spain.

But now ALL OF A SUDDEN since 1995

the LYING FDA now LIES and

lyingly says silver is not effective.

The FDA leaders should be hung as traitors to the USA people and for the LIARS they are.

The FDA leaders ARE “insane corrupted LIARS”

Lying against Silver’s proven History as a CURE.

Silver is IS “IS” an ANTIVIRAL, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Anti-parasitical Cure, as

PROVEN by the FACTS of the last 4000 years.


10,000 ppm MSP Mild Silver Protein CURES 650 Diseases Period.

(Not to be confused with the imitators/hucksters dishwater 20 ppm)


Our INVIVE Silver is the same formula at 10,000 ppm that all the Medical Doctors used from 1902 to 1938 to cure 650 Diseases.

Even Science Digest 1978, called our type of silver “The Mightiest Germ Fighter” because our 10,000 ppm silver cured 650 different diseases.


The corrupt corporation backed revolving door golden parachute legislators for the FDA took over/stole our drug and food supply in 1938, and prevented Medical Doctors from using the 10,000 ppm Silver.


The FDA are certifiably insane LIARS WHO SHOULD BE LOCKED UP or HUNG, for causing the deaths of tens of thousands of people,

by the FDA lying that Silver is not safe or effective.


The FDA approves as safe Pharmaceutical Products that KILL OVER 100,000+ Americans each year= KILL over 1 MILLION+ Americans in 10 years which is more deaths that in WAR.


Silver has never killed or injured not even 1 American, yet the FDA LIES and says it is not safe.

And where are all the blue people because the FDA scares everyone that they will turn blue if they use the silver when in FACT Argyria is 1 in a million. Using the FDA’s strawman logic, you should never use a car because 40,000 people a year die in car crashes in the USA. And don’t dare go swimming because the FDA will say they heard of a person who drown when swimming, and don’t you dare play golf because the FDA will say they heard of a person who was struck by lightning when playing golf. The FDA has BULLSHIT artists lying and tricking the poor citizens of the USA for the profit of the multinational corporations because the Multinationals cannot Patent the Silver because the silver is a naturally occurring product.


The FDA further lies and says that the 10,000 ppm silver is not effective when in FACT it was used by the American troops in the 2nd World War to cure gonorrhea and was listed as the cure for gonorrhea in the 1942 Edition of the British Encyclopedia of Medical Practice.


Our INVIVE silver KILLS VIRUSES/VIRII per Scientific Proof from Temple University>


And our 10,000 ppm silver was  used by China in 2003 to stop the SARS  COVID-2 virus.


China used our INVIVE 10,000 ppm silver to cure SARS COVID-2 because in November of 2002 our SARS patient in the Bejing Hospital was alive and recovering while his Doctor and 16 Nurses were dead.

President Jiang Zemin of China then

17 March 1998

16 March 2003

4 years, 364 days



Jiang Zemin


heard of this, and immediately sent a Private Jet with a Diplomatic Courier with an unopenable Diplomatic Pouch (so it couldn’t be taken away from him by the USA Customs) to pick up 12 bottles of our 10,000 ppm INVIVE silver from our Chinese Doctor in Los Angeles. China then copycatted our formula and stopped the SARS COVID-2 virus. BTW (by the way) even in 2016 silver wasn’t allowed to be shipped to Africa because it would kill/stop the AIDS/HIV virus, because the elite people in charge of this world wanted to reduce the population of Africa, just as:


“NOW” the .0001 World satanic elites want to reduce the population of the World down to 500 million (1/2 billion) from the World’s present population per June 2019 of 7,577,130,400 (7+ BILLION).


That means that they (the global elites), intend to kill OVER 7 Billion of us!!!

This figure is “proven” by the Georgia Guidestones that state: “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 (500 million) in perpetual balance with nature”.



10,000 ppm INVIVE Silver would wreck their plans to kill us, because:

Now In 2020 we have saved the lives of “MANY” COVID-19 patients in the USA who were near death but were saved by using the 10,000 ppm silver.


The FDA should be prosecuted for LYING that the 10,000 ppm Silver is not effective,

When in fact the 10,000 ppm cured 650 Diseases since 1902, and indeed was used by kings using silver plates, silver frying pans and silver pots and eating with silver utensils for the last 4000 years of History BECAUSE they learned from experience they were healthier when eating everything on silver, and even the pioneers of the 18th Century learned by putting silver coins in their water barrels as they crossed and travelled the American Plains they would kill the pathogens in their drinking water. But all of a sudden the FDA “LIES” to you and says silver isn’t effective.


REALIZE that today in 2020 Silver could again save us

as 10,000 ppm Silver kills the COVID-19 VIRUS.


But the FDA won’t allow the Doctors to use 10,000 ppm silver, thereby the FDA “is” causing the unnecessary deaths of thousands of Americans.

The FDA even prosecutes people like Jimmy Baker and Alex Jones who sell the ineffective dishwater low 20 ppm dishwater silver because it still gives some relief (though it doesn’t cure because it is too diluted). The FDA prosecutes even the dishwater silver manufacturers because the FDA does not want ANY silver on the market to interfere with the 245 BILLION per year drug Corporation profits.



Welcome to the real world where you are NOT allowed to have/use the cure for COVID-19 to save your life.