The Doctor Albert Leonard Nowell Memorial Foundation

Dr Albert Leonard Nowell  LRCP, LRCS (Edinburg)
   (1917-1967)            LRFPS (Glasco)

The Doctor Albert Leonard Nowell Memorial Foundation is dedicated to the honor and rememberance of Dr. Albert Leonard Nowell, who dedicated his life to service of his patients over a 25 year career.

Dr. Nowell was a general practitioner, a licentuate of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Edinburg. He served as an assistant to the medical officer of health in the County Borough of West Bromwich in 1947 where his clinical abilities and his ability to relate to people were recognized as exceptional. He performed surgeries, and worked with tuberculosis patients both in Canada and England.

The purpose of the foundation is to make funds available to the indigent and to do the research to relieve the pain and suffering of those abandoned by the medical community. A portion of the profits of Advantage/ International Pharmaceuticals will be dedicated to the foundation as well as such funds contributed to the organization as donations or raised by fund raising activities.

In addition, the foundation attempts to make information available to the general public about products that show promise in helping to restore wellness to those individuals who have suffered from illnesses and have been frustrated by futile efforts to be helped by the medical profession. As the funding grows, the foundation plans to assist those who could be helped by trying products like Mild Silver Protein, but are unable to afford to take them.

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