The date you are writing this is: _____________Time: _________________AM./PM. ARGENTOPROTEINIUMMITETRONIC INVIVE - REVIVE™ 50 p.p.m.
A SUPERLATIVE mild silver protein "quality product" with a low, low price
Only $9.99 per four (4) ounce bottle. Save on bulk orders. Order Online
8.99on orders of six (6) or more bottles.
Don't be misled by other claims, it takes 6 bottles
of 5,000 p.p.m. 4 tsp/day to achieve an "effective" 16 p.p.m. in vivo (in the bloodstream)
to run an initial 30 day full course = 6 bottles of 5,000 p.p.m.

Product All Countries
Except Canada
INVIVE 30 ppm
4 oz. bottles
Not Available not available 1-11, 49.99 ea. CDN
12 or more, 39.99 ea. CDN
INVIVE 50 ppm
4 oz. bottles
1-5, 9.99 ea. USD
6 or more, 8.99 ea. USD
53.94 Not Available
INVIVE 100 ppm
4 oz. bottles
1-5, 19.99 ea. USD
6 or more, 17.99 ea. USD
107.94 Not Available
INVIVE 500 ppm
4 oz. bottles
1-5, 25.99 ea. USD
6 or more 23.99 ea. USD
143.94 Not Available
INVIVE 1,100 ppm
4 oz. bottles
1-5, 29.99 ea. USD
6 or more, 26.99 ea. USD
161.94 Not Available
INVIVE 2,000 ppm
4 oz. bottles
1-5, 49.99 ea. USD
6 or more, 44.99 ea. USD
269.94 Not Available
INVIVE 5,000 ppm
4 oz. bottles
1-5, 99.99 ea. USD
6 or more, 89.99 ea, USD
539.94 Not Available
INVIVE 5,000 ppm
ES 4 oz. bottles
Call Dr. Samuel Ang
1 888 452-8688
not available Not Available
INVIVE 10,000 ppm
4 oz. bottles
1-5, 199.99 ea. USD
6 or more, 179.99 ea. USD
1079.94 Not Available
INVIVE 10,000 ppm
ES 4 oz. bottles
Call Dr. Samuel Ang
1 888 452-8688
not available Not Available
Pure Vitamin C
40,000 mg
19.99 ea. UDS not available Not Available
Ovulation Detector
Cycle Check
69.99 ea. USD not available 99.95 ea. CDN
DHEA Reg 79.00
Now on Sale
77.77 ea. USD not available Not Available

Item name ____________ Number of items wanted _____ times $__________ U.S. ____________________

Item name ____________ Number of items wanted _____ times $__________ U.S. ____________________

Forwarding warehouse handling terminal charge ____________________
Minnesota Residents only, add 6.5% sales tax ____________________
U.S.A. : 1 Day: Next day air U.P.S. add 37.75 anywhere in the U.S. ____________________
2 Day: Second day air U.P.S. add 22.00 anywhere in the U.S. ____________________
3 Day: Select air U.P.S. add 19.59 anywhere in the U.S. ____________________
3 Day: 1-3 bottles only add 7.50 anywhere in the U.S. ____________________
Canada : 1 Day: Express 39.35 (CDN) anywhere in Canada ____________________
2 Day: Expedited air 35.30 (CDN) anywhere in Canada ____________________
3 - 5 Days: Standard 29.85 (CDN) anywhere in Canada ____________________

As a corollary to our ongoing product quality enhancement program we do not ship ground so that product will not be chilled, frozen, warmed, or overheated.

Send U.S. Funds Only for purchases "from" the United States.

The best and easiest way to order and to insure prompt delivery: Is to just PHONE IN YOUR ORDER to the Order Recording Machines. (DO NOT SEND CHEQUES-Visa, MasterCard and Money Orders ONLY WILL BE ACCEPTED).

It is the easiest and most efficient to JUST PLACE THE ORDER BY TELEPHONE. Our Ordering System is set up on the basis of recorded VOICE messages for proof of authenticity.

You MUST CALL IN THE ORDER ONTO A TAPE MACHINE at 1 800 877-5097, then press "1" for United States orders or "2" for Canadian orders, and leave your order on the "Secure Private Message Centre" using Visa or Mastercard. Remember to place a 6 bottle order to qualify for your $1.00 a bottle discount (at 50 p.p.m.)to receive the 8.99 Sale price on orders of 6 or more. (Product is guaranteed to effectively last and be stable for 6 years- so if you use only 2 bottles a year you will save $12.00).

Just phone in and "record" your order. That is how our Order Department is set up. But, to assist those that do "not" have Visa or Mastercard: If you do not have Visa or Mastercard then you may:

Send a money order.

Go to your nearest fast food store, bank or post office and make the Money Order payable to:

International Pharmaceuticals.

(If you go to a Post Office for the Money Order make sure that you purchase an International Money Order as the U.S. Post Office has 2 ((two)) types and you need the International Money Order. All the other institutions only have one kind of Money Order and they will do just fine.)

Send to:

1825 Main Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada , Zip Code R2V 2A4
1 800 877-5097 = ORDER DESK
Or order via E-mail:
If you have any questions just call (204) 694-8722. We will gladly answer your questions to help you.
As an addition to our Customer Assurance and Protection Program: To ensure speedy delivery do not send by registered mail. Instead: Please send Money order via U.P.S. so you will have a tracking # to know when we received it. Just call U.P.S. and they will come to your door. It will only cost $19.00 Express letter rate from the U.S.A., $6.00 for 5 day U.P.S. letter delivery in U.S.A., ($6.70 Standard Service in Canada), you don't have to buy the stamps or go to a mailbox and you will have peace of mind.

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