International Pharmaceuticals Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:


To be fair to all, and to gently advise regarding the frame of reference

governing cancelling orders-


One is encouraged to keep their own order for their own benefit as it is

stable and usable for over 5 (five) years notwithstanding that it is the

best silver solution with a proven track record.


If an individual insists on going down the wrong road in trying to return a

product after they have ordered it and "after" it has been shipped, we must

advise of the following very important points:


If you never cancelled your order until "after" it was shipped:


Once an order is sent there are ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NO RETURNS in order

to protect all customers.


This is due to quality control and legal, security, health implications and

mandates, and is in your best interests due to the following facts:


    1.) The product is a liquid and even if unopened can be subject to

        improper handling and storage.

        The same way that companies do not accept the return of electrical

        auto parts or storage batteries or film- applies to

        this type of product and even more so because one's health and

        wellness is at stake.


    2.) Since some individuals have a herxheimer reaction:

        It would be impossible to tell if the next individual taking the

        returned product was suffering poisoning from a bottle that was

        tampered with or having a regular herxheimer.


    3.) Since many our customers are suffering from "some malady" it would

        be unconscionable to send a returned product from 1 (one) ill

        individual's residence to another individual's residence.


        That would be a methodology of transmitting hand transmitted

        pathogens from your hands touching the box and then another

        individual touching the same box.

        Thus transmitting germs in the same manner as a handshake all

        across the continental United States.


    4.) Many of our clients have a compromised immune system and do not

        even go outside or to public places in order to avoid

        others' diseases.

        It would be insane and unconscionable to ship boxes of product

        from one sick individual to another thereby risking the second

        individual's general health and or very life.


Thus for the above rational itemized reasons:

There are ABSOLUTELY and POSITIVELY no returns "once" the product is shipped.


This is to maintain quality, integrity, and purity for your protection.






Advantage International

1 204 694-8722

1 204 694-7139.


Re: Orders cancelled "before" shipping:

20 % processing charge to cover:

1.) Telephone Charges-Customer to Company 1 800 charges,

2.) Employee's Time on Telephone,

3.) Home Office Paperwork,

4.) Telephone Charges to Shipping Depot,

5.) Unpacking labour,

6.) Packing Tape and Shipping labels,

7.) Shipping Dock Paperwork,

8.) Itemizing the return to Shipping Room inventory and Shipping Room paperwork,

9.) Restocking on shelves charges,

10) Return call from Shipping Depot to Home Office tallying and confirming return to inventory.


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Shopping Cart Orders:

Regular Orders via the Automatic Shopping Carts will accept Credit Card payment of any amount, and will be processed immediately.


Purchasing via Telephone:

With regular MasterCard or Visa Orders that you wish to purchase "via telephone" (not the Shopping Carts):

You MUST CALL IN THE ORDER ONTO A TAPE MACHINE at 1 800 877-5097. Leave your Order on the "Secure Private Message Centre" using Visa or MasterCard or Discover Card. Remember to place a 6 bottle order to qualify for your discounts to receive the SALE discount price on orders of 6 or more. (Product is guaranteed to effectively last and be stable for over 15 years (the date on the bottle is just a "re-test" date and not an expiry date because the product is so stable). Therefore if you use only 2 bottles a year you will save greatly if you Order via the 6 pack six bottle discount price).

Just phone in and "record" your order. That is how our phone Order Department is set up.

To assist those that do "not" have Visa or MasterCard:

If you do "not" have Visa or MasterCard then you may send Orders via Mail:

Regarding regular Orders by mail: Send U.S. Funds "only" for all Countries outside of Canada for all purchases.

If you mail an Order to us: The best and easiest way to order and to insure prompt delivery: Is to "also" PHONE IN YOUR ORDER to the Order Recording Machines to advise us that you have sent a mailed Order. (Remember though that is the easiest and most efficient to JUST PLACE THE ORDER BY TELEPHONE with a Credit Card. Our Ordering System is set up on the basis of recorded VOICE messages for proof of authenticity).


To Send a money order:

Go to your nearest fast food store, bank or post office and make the USA funds Money Order payable to our Secretary:

Gena Lott

and send to:


International C. C. Inc. 1 800 877-5097

P.O. Box 274

Badger, Minnesota, USA 56714


Type the address "exactly" per the above with the phone # included on the top line.


Type of Money Order:

(If you go to a Post Office for a Money Order, make sure that you purchase an "International" Money Order, as the U.S. Post Office has 2 ((two)) types and you need the International Money Order. All the other institutions only have one kind of Money Order and they will do just fine.)


Commercial Orders from Companies:

Commercial Orders (from Companies) are limited to Credit Card amounts of $1,000.00 per month. Commercial Orders over $1000.00 per month may be paid via T/T (Telephone Bank Transfer), and Wire Payments.

T/T (Telephone Bank Transfer), and Wire Payments:

For Overnight Shipping re Commercial Orders please call 1 204 694-8722 Administration, for the Swift Code for a T/T, and your Order will be Shipped the next business day once the T/T arrives.

Mailing of Cheques for Commercial Orders:

Cheques must be Overnight Express Mail (with a Tracking #) to insure delivery for the Certified cheques, Money Orders, and Cashiers cheques.

If you do not follow these instructions and send a regular cheque by snail mail that is "not" Certified, or a Money Order or a Cashiers cheque:

Your Orders will not be actioned until the cheque arrives and clears the Bank, which generally creates a delay of 10 Business days before your Order can be Shipped.


Our silver products have given customers satisfaction for over 8 years, and therefore products are not sold on a test or trial basis. 


NB: As a corollary to our ongoing product quality enhancement program we do not ship ground in the "Wintertime" (October 1 to April 30), so that product will not be chilled, frozen, warmed, or overheated. The product is so stable that it can be unthawed and it will still be just as effective because it contains actual microscopic pieces of silver that cannot be harmed by freezing, but the bottles may crack if frozen solid. Therefore do not choose ground $8.50 for a Shipping option/amount in the wintertime. Instead choose "Wintertime Shipping" for 17.67 so that the bottles do not risk cracking.


Prerequisite RMA# necessary for "any" Return:


If you ignore all of the above, and you still attempt to send merchandise back without an RMA# (Return Merchandise Authorization #):


Your package whatever it is, or may be, and/or may not be, will "not" be opened, (as we do not open unknown packages), and it will be considered as an abandoned package, and will be thrown in the dumpster, or suitably destroyed/handled by the authorities if necessary, and no Credit of any kind will be given. This is because our staff is instructed "not" to open any unknown, or "unauthorized" packages, for their own safety in this time of terrorist activity, and for the safety of others in the building, and in the vicinity of our plants.


Plus you agreed to abide by the Terms and Conditions of Sale at the time of purchase, which means no returns for silver products once Shipped. Again, this is in order to protect "all" our customers from germs and pathogens from one ill person returning a package to the plant after touching it. This would be a means similar to hand transmission of bacteria or virii from one sick individual to another in the same manner that a handshake would transmit pathogens from one sick person touching a packaging and then handing it to another person to use. No one wants a product that someone else previously had in their possession. Therefore, again, to be perfectly clear, to protect everyone: There are no returns of silver products once shipped.

No refunds once shipped regarding silver products and no refunds of any kind after 30 days regarding all other products. Silver products are not sold on a test or trial and test basis, as we subscribe to the Pharmaceutical Code:
No product shall be accepted for return once dispensed.
2 % per month will be charged on "all" Overdue Invoices, commencing date Order was placed. Prices subject to change without notice.

"Limited Time "Special":
Lowest MSP Price on Internet

Shipping Costs & Times do "not" apply to (include) the preparing, handling, and processing of Orders, but only apply to Shipping Company's speed:

Please be advised that Express Shipping, 2-3 day Priority Shipping, and 5 to 10 day Shipping, apply only to the Shipping Company's "Shipping speed" portion of the sale.

Generally our plants are able to get the Orders out on a same day basis, and all orders are normally shipped within 72 hours of receipt of payment pending availability of product, but: 2 or 3 times during the year the volume exceeds plant capacity, and the processing and preparing of your Order "before" the actual Shipping: once or twice a year may take longer, but again, nearly all of the time, the orders are shipped same day or within 72 hours. Sometimes once a year, Order volumes that occur (sometimes after the Christmas or Easter Holidays), require tremendous volume processing, handling, and packaging of Orders for 5 working days "before" the Shipping.


Again, please be advised that it is the Shipping speed at which the Orders are sent that you are choosing to pay for, and that speed is in addition to the processing, handling, and packaging time for your Orders.


Please also be advised that it is "Working days" that is referred to regarding processing Orders and "not" calendar days, because as with most large manufacturing plants, we are closed during Saturday and Sunday.


 I agree not to call the Shipping Department to Track my parcel until at least 10 working days have passed since I have placed my Order. Only orders that are over 10 days (combined in Processing & Transit) merit Tracking.

We cannot have scores of people daily asking us to Track their orders, as the Shipping Department would never have any time left to get out anyone's orders. Most orders are sent out same day and arrive within 3 days, but are not lost considered to merit Tracking services unless 10 days have passed. Remember most companies on TV state 6 to 8 weeks delivery, and we are giving almost immediate delivery, but cannot do so if people are continually asking us to Track their orders.


Shipping Costs:

It is more expensive to Ship to you, than "just" the Postage because as you can see below that:

There are over 15 other items to be paid for, besides just the Postage, in order to get your package to you.


1.) Purchase of a box for $.48 to $1.18 for your product.

2.) Purchase packing chips.

3.) Purchase foam wrap.

4.) Purchase packing tape.


5.) Wages for a worker to pack the box for you.


6.) The $20,000.00+ purchase price of  a Truck to drive your package to the Post Office

7.) Insurance on the truck that drives your package to the Post Office.

8.) Fuel for the Truck that drives your package to the Post Office.

9.) Major engine and drive train and suspension repairs and tires for the truck that drives your package to the Post Office.

10.) Interest for the purchase of the Truck that drives your package to the Post Office.

11.) Depreciation on the Truck that drives your package to the Post Office.

12.) Maintenance (oil changes etc.) on the Truck that drives your package to the Post Office.

13.) Washing the Truck that drives your package to the Post Office, etc., etc..


14) Pay the Driver wages to drive to the Post Office

15.) Pay the Driver wages to stand in line at the Post Office.


So please remember that we are covering "most" of the above costs but you are not just paying for Postage when you purchase products.

Please also remember that these products are at Wholesale at the lowest prices on the Internet, and we charge the minimum Handling charges possible to get your package delivered to the Post Office for you.


The HIGHER the “PRODUCT” purchase $ amount

= the HIGHER the Insurance costs which kicks up the Shipping Costs to INSURE the package FROM broken, lost, or Porch Pirate stolen.

The Shipping for 6 bottles of 50 ppm is only 11.99








The Shipping for the same 6 bottles  BUT of 10,700 ppm is:








“NOT” the Shipping Cost.

Forward this message to

Your patient so he understands.


Description of Goods:


For the UPS Driver, Customs Agent, or the USPS Postal Worker, should they request same is:


Description of Goods:

Mineral Supplement

Microscopic silver in Distilled Water.


The Classification of Goods is:

Dietary Supplement.

Customs Clearance Worldwide from USA is the Consignee's (purchasers) responsibility:

Please be aware that "Customs Policies" of the many different Countries can change without notice. 
Our products have been cleared through in 99.9 % of your Shipments for the past 9 years. Most products we offer can be easily shipped to Countries outside the USA.  However, please be aware that there are some Countries, and/or that particular Customs agent, that will not let some products ship onward from the USA to you.  Each Country has different policies concerning what "that" Country considers a natural medicine, or as a dietary supplement; and their Policies can change without notice even with the Countries where there is a successful track record for your receiving your Order. Therefore, we have do not have a 100% means of knowing what can and cannot be shipped to you.  Once you Order we must and will ship it.  But it is your responsibility for knowing your Country's policies.  We cannot be responsible for different Countries detaining, or confiscating your Order when it reaches your Country, and therefore we cannot give refunds in such a case.  Please check with your Country's Customs office concerning the product you want before you purchase. Please do "not" say that it is "Medicine", or that it makes me feel better, or "I need it to stay alive".  It will then be placed in a drug category and your Shipment may be confiscated. Certain Countries of note are Australia, France, and Italy. Australian, French and Italian Customs Departments have always been problematic on simple things such as "Dietary Supplements". We cannot be responsible for products detained or confiscated by your Country, and have non control of such issues,  and therefore cannot give refunds in such a case. We will though,  at no extra charge, do everything in our power, regarding faxing additional documentation, etc., to help you, and we will provide any and all additional information that your  Countries Customs Officers may or may not request, in an effort to assist "you" to clear your Shipment through Customs, but it is a standard in all  industries Worldwide, that Customs clearance is the responsibility of the Consignee (the Purchaser).


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