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We categorically state that any silver Web Site that says or infers that Silver ppm (parts per million) strength does “not” determine effectiveness is an outright lying Web Site.

The 6 litres (6,000 cc) of blood in everyone's body dilutes 1 teaspoon (5 cc) of any type of silver of any strength down by 1,200 times "less" strength. Weak silver solutions under 2,000 ppm are worthless in the body against disease. E.g. A 20 ppm is diluted down to less than 1/100 of 1 ppm by blood in the body, but promoters mislead the public by saying that 20 ppm kills bacteria in the petrie dish (in vitro)  without telling you: It is "not" effective in vivo (in the body) because it is diluted down 1200 times to less than 1/100 of 1 ppm by your 6 litres of  bloodPromoters will not put up the information that the 6 litres of  blood in everyone's body dilutes 1 teaspoon of silver of any strength down by 1,200 times less strength. The correct solution is to have a 20 ppm solution in your bloodstream, and for that you need 4 teaspoons of 5000 ppm. This is a plain fact of Chemistry and cannot be denied. Click here to see point 8 for a complete explanation that you must use a 5000 ppm for disease.

A bottle of 50 p.p.m. for just 9.99  !!!

To straighten out the Promoters if you still want low p.p.m. "we" will offer you a 50 p.p.m. that is still a better and more powerful p.p.m. than what promoters sell @ 3 to 20 p.p.m. for $29.99 to $43.95. We will give you a 4 OZ. (not 2 OZ.) BOTTLE of 50 p.p.m. for just 9.99 

 or if you still want to pay someone $29.99 for silver: we can give you an "1,100" p.p.m. BOTTLE for just 29.69 which is what most Promoters charge for their weak 20 p.p.m. bottles, but with our 1,100 p.p.m. you can dilute it with distilled water to
make "TWENTY-TWO" BOTTLES of 50 p.p.m.
22-50 p.p.m. bottles are  worth 22 BOTTLES times 29.99 = $505.78 ($500.00+) worth for just 29.99. <<<--Click here.

We supply "only" the finest products.
This is the only site has Medical Data & Scientific Studies from leading Universities & National Laboratories, with links to:
Silver benefits, silver dosages, natural antibiotics, HIV treatment and Lyme Disease treatment.
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Click here--->>>  Minimum Treatment Protocol You "MUST" see this "if" you intend to use Silver.
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Advantage Pharmaceuticals Canada & International Pharmaceuticals U.S.A. are divisions of International C. C. Inc.. The companies distribute products Worldwide that contribute to wellness. We are dedicated to providing the "highest quality" products, and have an impeccable Shipping record.

The newest product line is INVIVE 2,000 p.p.m.. In Canada the product is called INVIVE 30 (Microscopic Silver in distilled water). It is a food product, a natural silver supplement, designed to replace this mineral which is lacking in the modern diet.



Congratulations again- You have now scrolled to the original 1938 broad spectrum Mild Silver Protein formula that was used to treat more than 650 different diseases, including Viral Infections, Bacterial Infections, cold and flu, nasal infections, eye and childhood ear infections, fungal infections, parasitic infections, etc. totalling over 650 different Disease organisms-(Science Journal 1978). It was so effective against yeast (Candida) infections that only 1/2 teaspoon could be taken the first 7 days because it would kill the yeast too quickly if more than 1/2 teaspoon was administered. This formula has been used by over 1 million people from the years 1902 to 1978 without any drug reaction or interaction, as opposed to conventional drugs which killed over 186,00 US citizens last year (1999).

One of the reasons that "this" formulation of Silver is not getting the credit it deserves is: Other silver distributors make forms of inferior silver and fraudulently use the Medical Journal data that only applies to this product. These distributors claim that their product cures 650 diseases but they cannot make that claim as only "this" ORIGINAL FORMULA gave the results as reported in the Medical Journals from 1902 to 1978. Their silver is not remotely the same (theirs is generally ions of silver rather than atoms), yet they claim and apply this formula's proven efficacy for their product.

ONLY "THIS IS" THE ORIGINAL FORMULA. that gave the Medical Journal results from 1902-1978 and the results do "not" apply to "ionic" silvers made via electrolysis (two pieces of silver in a pail of water ((or any kind of vessel)) through which an electric current is passed). Ionic silvers are misnamed and misbranded as Colloidal Silver and "they are 'not' colloids" of silver at all. Ionic silvers are "misnamed and misbranded stealing the name of Colloidal Silver when they are only ionic solutions that have hardly any silver in them and sometimes no silver at all in them. The eradication of 650 different diseases does not apply to any other product than Mild Silver Protein as reported in the previous issues of the New England Journal of Medicine, the British Lancet, and other recognised prestigious Medical Journals and publications. Because it is a pre 1938 formula, we can unequivocally state the cures for the same diseases that it was used to cure pre 1938. (Do not let the 1938 date intimidate you as silver is presently used in every burn ward in North America, as today's conventional abx (antibiotics) are so toxic that they cannot be used in the large amounts necessary to save severe burn victims as conventional abx in large amounts would kill the patient).

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INVIVE is now offered "Stabilized and Enhanced"
at the following strengths in standard 4 oz. [118.291 ml.] bottle sizes.

IMPORTANT: Order by just clicking on the prices, and "not" by phone, due to problems with some people wanting our silver so much, that they even borrowed and used someone else's Credit Card. Therefore we can no longer accept Credit Card/Debit Card payments over the phone. An online payment processor is the only way of verifying purchaser identity, & this way it also benefits you, because your order goes to the Shipping Department the same second you click send and you will have your order sooner.






(parts per million)


Each (1-6 Bottles)

VOLUME "Discount" 6 or more


50 p.p.m.

Eye Wash
2 drops per eye As required usage. Daily lifetime usage Do "NOT" put any other strength into the eyes.


8.99 each
53.94 for 6
How to use
Save $1.00 per BOTTLE
You save $6.00

100 p.p.m.

Yeast Infections
2 drops initially/day thereafter: As required teaspoon usage. Daily lifetime usage. Use "only" the 100 ppm for Nebulizing.


17.99 each
107.94 for 6
How to use
Save $2.00 per BOTTLE
You save $12.00

500 p.p.m.

2 - 7 Year Old Child's Dose
1 tsp. (5 cc) / day. Daily lifelong usage.
Nose, and Ear ache drops
3 drops t.i.d. (3 times/day) in nose or ear. Use "only" the 500 ppm topically.


23.99 each
143.94 for 6
How to use
Save $2.00 per BOTTLE
You save $12.00

1,100 p.p.m.

Daily Supplement Adults Dosage
1 tsp. (5 cc) /day (1 bottle lasts 24 days). Daily lifetime usage.


26.99 each
161.94 for 6
How to use
Save $3.00 per BOTTLE
You save $18.00

2,000 p.p.m.

Common Colds, Flu
4 teaspoons (20 cc/day) minimum = 1 tsp. every 6 hours 180 day usage per year


44.99 each
269.94 for 6
How to use
Save 5.00 per BOTTLE
You save $30.00

5,000 p.p.m.

Moderately Severe Infections
Mutated Colds, Virulent Flu, Aids, Lyme Disease, Eczema, (but "not" Hepatitis C). 4 teaspoons (20 cc/day) 90 day usage per year


89.99 each
539.94 for 6
How to use
Save 10.00 per BOTTLE
You save $60.00
"All" strengths "ONLY" order by clicking on the price.
Do "NOT" phone to Order. We do "NOT" and will not accept phone orders.
If you have questions how to use click here>>> Site Map or >>>DDR Doctor's Desk Reference.
If you have further questions type them in to: Do "NOT" phone, because
we do not have the staff to handle phone calls.

5,700 p.p.m. ES7

Hepatitis C, mycoplasma,  and any other "sequestered", chronic
long-term infection = (over 6 mo.).
4 teaspoons (20 cc/day) 90 day usage per year
"Extra" STRENGTH for tissue penetration


159.99 each
959.94 for 6
How to use
Save 10.00 per BOTTLE
You save $60.00

10,000 p.p.m.

Severe Infections and Life and Death Infections
Ebola, Dengue Fever,  Malaria, SARS, West Nile 1-3 tablespoon (15-45 cc) every 4 hours 10 to 45 day usage per year


209.99 each
1259.94 for 6
How to use
Save $20.00 per BOTTLE
You save $120.00
10,700 p.p.m.
Our MOST Powerful Silver
Severe Infections and Life and Death Infections
 Ebola, Dengue Fever,  Malaria, SARS, West Nile 1-3 tablespoon (15-45 cc) every 4 hours 10 to 45 day usage per year.
"AND" Chronic = over 6 mo.
today's abx. "un"treatable Mycoplasma Infections,
etc. & complex Infections,
& for Differential Diagnosis M.D. Physician coverage, Medical Journal pre 1938.
"Extra" STRENGTH for tissue penetration


249.99 each
1499.94 for 6
How to use
Save $20.00 per BOTTLE
You save $120.00

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Information presented here is for educational purposes only; this information is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional.

Statements about products and health conditions have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Information presented here is for educational purposes only; this information is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional.
This information is provided solely for educational and informational purposes including as a potential guideline to be used when discussing a program with a healthcare MD professional and used as a Dietary Supplement in conjunction with accepted Protocols.  These products "are" allowed to be sold as "Dietary Supplements".

These prices are F.O.B. Lancaster, Minnesota, USA = Shipping outside of the City of Lancaster is charged at our Regular Shipping and Handling rates,
but shipping is free on orders over  50 bottles going to any USA destination.  
On orders over 50 bottles: Credit card, or letter of credit arrangements, can be used for payment or pre-payment. and T/T, and Bank Transfer can be arranged.

We would also be happy to make suggestions for the proper storage and handling of the product if  you are purchasing the product on a regular basis.

Please give us some more details as to your future anticipated needs re over 50 bottles, in order that we may allocate Stock for your anticipated future needs.
Acceptance of over 50 bottle orders is subject to Qualification of the Buyer by our customer Quality Assurance Department.

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The product falls within the guidelines as they existed before the 1938 Federal Regulatory take-over of our food and drug supply. Therefore we can distribute "THIS pre 1938 ORIGINAL FORMULA" without FDA "new" drug approval, in order to make this powerful completely non toxic mild silver protein formulation available to the people of America as a dietary supplement.

It is distributed at up to 2,000 p.p.m. (parts per million) to the general public, and at 10,000 PPM to Health Care Professionals and research labs that have the highest accreditation. At 5,000 and 10,000 PPM the dosage is to be tailored to the individual's "dietary needs" by your present day Health Care Professional (with higher dosing when indicated) in the same manner as it was predating the FDA's 1938 take-over.

In the interest of the common good we now make the 10,000 PPM solution available to the GP/Health Care Practitioner with the caveat that one should only use the 10,000 PPM solution for not longer than 7 (seven) consecutive days unless monitored by said Health Care Professionals as was done in pre 1938. N.B. Attention Practitioners Our purpose and mission statement is to assist the people of America in their free choice to again be allowed to have at their fingertips a totally non toxic approach for their needs.

Click on the following link to see the actual Scientific proof (studies) on this particular product, done by a leading Cancer Research facility, Universities, and Rocky Mountain Labs (NIH), etc., in the USA..


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  Lyme Disease Treatment Regime

  Recommended Dosage

  Simplified: Dosage Must Correspond to Body Weight
   Minimum Treatment Protocol You "MUST" see this "if" you intend to use Silver.

Candida and
Yeast Infections
Clinical Product Testing
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Vitamin C
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